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Nine chummers stole an Aztechnology yacht, then broadsided New York.

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Branding honestly.
My FLGS recently got a couple Infinity sets, from the packaging, I thought it was something like Skylanders at first.

On a first glance, they make no indication to tell you what the fuck you're looking at, whereas 40k shows big bold pictures of the models in formation, Battletech shows mechs shooting mechs, and Blood Bowl shows you two armies holding a ball down a field.

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> So, how do you decide who "passes"?
They fight each other to death until only one remains.
No, not one percent.

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Johnny Mnemonic, book and movie.
Hackers (1995).
(Hell, Sneakers in 1992 might qualify, but probably not "important").
Tron, if you squint it's pretty cyberpunky but it was awfully important for setting the tone of cybespace.
I really liked "The Electric Church", but that's probably niche as fuck.
Deus Ex, and the HR sequel.
FF7, arguably.

And the most important: VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action

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What is that thing you call "romance"?
Is it edible? What does it have to do with the cardiac muscle? Why do I feel nothing?

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>muh "Natural 1" comedy
>beating the ancient bad joke into a ground
>5 pages and about 20 panels just to make a one-liner greentext bad joke
If I was the man I was before, I'd be somewhat mad.
Nowadays, this just makes me feel pity for the people who don't know better.

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> What trends do you have with your characters?
> What sort of tropes can you simply not resist when it comes to character creation?

Monks obsessed with self-perfection and enlightenment, and who take pleasure in beating their own achievements.
Rogues, druids and rangers who don't like to be the center of attention and just like to help people, regardless of whether they appreciate him for it.
Tired and jaded noir paladins who keep fighting the good fight not because they like it, but because they can't abandon it for others to deal with.
Boisterous and surely clerics who kick ass in the name of their Lord, and usually play the role of the father or a mentor.
Avangarde bards who want to be the very best and the most popular, and who choose a proper rock-out jam session over a chance to wet their dick.

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