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"No! Maeda, wait! This is a huge misunderstanding!"
"Is it someone we know?"

"Maeda! It's not anyone you know!"
"Ooh, that sounds risky. Is he a bad boy?"


"Aw, with the way you and Ken flirt, I thought you would have liked someone closer to him."

Wait, with the way Ken and I WHAT?!

Why has the laughing gotten louder!

"Stop it you two!" I yell over my shoulder. The twins have their mouths caught in their palms, and they look very sheepish.

"Stop what, Masami?" Julie asks.
"Yeah, stop what? We're just observing the master at her craft." Haruko repeats.

Kaori looks at them, completely confused.

Oh! Those two..

"So, uh-" Maeda seems a little confused, too. "If it's not *him*, then what did you come to ask about? Though, please, feel free to ask me about anything if you need help with it." She smiles like a dream.

Then I remember that this is a nightmare!

"Maeda, I don't have a boyfriend."
"That's a shame." She pouts.


"Maeda, I want to know, does Kaori have a boyfriend?"

"Oh.." She seems disappointed? "That's what this is about."

She sighs, "I think you should ask her about that, not me."
"But- I'm asking you!"

"Masami, no." She puts a finger on my nose, "No going behind your sister's back."

I want to argue with her, but she's right.
"Go ask her, right now, what she asked me about. I'm sure she'll tell you."

>Yeah but, then she'll know I was trying to meddle!
>Just tell me if it's a boy or not! If not, then that's fine!
>Okay, thank you Maeda.
>Where do you want to go for the afternoon?
>Um, what if I WAS thinking about a boy?

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I quickly unbind my hands and drop the rope, then I quickly take off down the sidewalk.

Something is amiss, something is happening and I'm completely unaware of it!
I could text Mom and ask what is going on, but then she'd know that I'm not staying home like I'm supposed to be.

I can't go back home, because Julie and Haruko are probably waiting there, or maybe even stalking around the neighborhood looking for me.
Which means that I can't stop running now!

My feet swiftly move below me as the usually deserted streets seem to take on a life of their own. Emergency vehicle are filing in the distance. I can hear their sirens slowly increase in pitch, and then slowly fade away.

Something weird is definitely going on.
School is deserted, which is just as well because I'm pretty sure classes and clubs were called off for the day.

"Hey! What are you doing here!?"
My eyes snap up to notice Maeda. She looks irritated.

But a nice new bracelet on her arm! Cute!

No no no! Now isn't time the to admiring jewelery, Maeda is here and she doesn't look happy.
"I thought you were at home! Why are you out here?"

"Maeda! Maeda! It's terrible! My family tried to keep me home, and Mom is missing, and Asai is loose I think and-"

"Calm down. I know they tried to keep you at home."
My eyes perk up.
"Because Asai IS loose, Masami. The bubble went down after you left here."

My eyes widen, that doesn't make any sense. I was trapped inside of the bubble imprisoning fortune. So how could it have gone down before I even got to Fortune?
"What's more" She continues, "Asai wasn't there, he apparently escaped yesterday and no one knew. He's hiding."

That makes even less sense! I talked with him, face to face!
What, is there two of him?

>Tell Maeda everything you saw
>No time! You need to go find Asai!
>Get Maeda to come with you
>Is your brother here? Let's have a quick meeting
>Ask her for advice.
>Cry into her shoulder

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I grab her into a hug, gently patting her head.
"Please don't do this now."

"Listen, listen. Kaori."

Why am I acting like a big sister, she knows I can't do this!

"..Listen, why don't you come along with me? We'll be fine as long as we're together."
"I don't want to slow you down with my problems."

"No, no no no. Don't say that. You're coming with me. No more sulking, no more saying dumb things."
"NO MORE DUMB THINGS! That's Julie and Haruko's job."


"In any case, you should get going." The principal stands up. "You've been arguing for about ten minutes."

"We gotta go!"
"Uh, fine, but-"

"No buts! Text the student council right now!"


"What the heck is this about, Masami?" Maeda yawns.
"Seriously, we were trying to prepare for Asai." Ryouta is texting on his phone.

"I know you were busy, but you know how Cirrus was kidnapped earlier. Right? And you know how Mom was going after them, right?"

"And I still think you should leave it to your mother."

>No! I'm not going to leave it to Mom to fix everything all the time!
>Whatever, I'm here to get you guys ready.
>Argue with her!
>What are you even 'preparing' anyway? Show me!

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"Hi Maeda!" I say to her cheerfully, "Do you know where-"
"Am I Masami? What kind of question is-"
Then I remember something.
"Oh, I guess I should have called you before we came over. Sorry for scaring you like that."

"NO! WAIT!" Maeda hops over and grabs my shoulders. "HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN ABLE TO DO THAT!? THIS IS IMPORTANT!"
"Uhh." I studder, confused at her sudden outburst. "Not very long, I just learned about it, really."
"YOU COULD HAVE TOLD ME! CAN YOU TAKE OTHER PEOPLE WITH YOU? I WANT GO TO PARIS!" Maeda seems to have shifted from panic to glee.

"Maeda, sweetie." Mom pats her head. "Are your parents around?"
"Um, um, yeah. They are, but- Let's talk about that teleportation again! I want to see it!"

>Maybe Later
>It'll be good practice!
>Oh, were you or your brother wanting to go with me to get Aiko back?
>Why Paris?
>Where is Ryouta, anyway?

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"Kaori?" Aiko says, tapping on the door lightly, "You can tell us what happened! We're not mad at you or anything!"
"..I don't think that's the issue." Maeda says, disapprovingly.

"Hey!" I approach the group of people crowding around the door. "Is she still crying?"
"Yes.." Aiko says, sadness in her voice. "I tried asking what's going on, and she just cried even harder."

That's when I notice Maeda going through a HUGE keychain, trying each key on the door before flipping to another one.
"Um.. I didn't know you had that." I admire the large collection of baubles and keys.
"Neither does the principal."

Oh dear.
"So.. why did she lock herself in this room, and not the occult clubroom?"

Maeda sighs with frustration and clear irritation,
"Because she knows I don't have a key to this door. I don't know how, but she knows."

Maeda flips through the last key on the chain before letting it fall limp at her side.
"And that's all I have. We'll have to wait for the principal to unlock it."
"Oh? Does he know!?"

Aiko answers for me, "I thought you would know that, I saw him jumpking into your Mom's car and driving off. I haven't heard from him since."

Is that what Mom meant by 'reinforcements'?

>Try to plead with your sister
>Promise to come inside alone
>Just wait for Mom to come by with the principal, it's a waste otherwise.

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"Ryouta! What are you thinking? I can barely fight them as it is!"

He only folds his arms, and smiles. Everyone else stares at him like he's completely crazy.

"..Surely you have some kind of plan then, right? Please have a plan."

That's when he stands up abruptly, slamming his hand down onto the table.
"Masami! Of course I have a plan! It's my job as the leader to have one!"
"Hold it," Maeda says, interrupting him, "Who made YOU the leader?"

Ryouta ignores her and continues, "Regardless! Of course I would have a plan. I was watching you make cards last night, and realized something. You have cards, Kaori has bracelets."
He takes the wreckage of something and sets it down on the table.
"And now, I have a bracelet too!"

He flashes a card in his hand. Then he gently holds the wrecked device to his arm as he swipes a card across the reader.
Slowly, a pair of metallic gauntlets appear on his hands. Up until he loses grip of the device and it crashes back onto the table. Completely de-materializing the gauntlets.

"See? A little bit of tape, it'll be good as new!" He laughs.
"I hope that wasn't the big announcement you had, Ryouta." Aiko says, unamused.

"Of course not! My big announcement is that we still have three bracelets. Which is why every day, we're going to train with them after-school!"

"Oh, well good luck with that." Kaori says, as she starts to gather her bag to leave.
"You're not exempt from this, Kaori! And neither are you, Masami!"

>"Wait, Why me?!"
>"Do you think I could use them? I never tried it before."
>"Um. How can I help."
>"I'll think about it."

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Maeda apparently calms down enough to at least formulate a question
"So your name is..."
The guy smiles, leans forward with a grunt
"Call me 'Asai'."

Maeda is clearly not going to play his little mind games.
"Ha ha, yes. Asai-san." She says, I can hear the sarcasm pouring from her voice. "Can you explain to me, again, why you decided to terrorize us all these years. Please?" She's smiling, but it's the kind of smile I would expect a serial killer to put on.

"Because I knew you could handle it."
"Oh, why?"

He leans back in his chair.
"I thought that would be a surprise."
Immediately, Maeda takes off toward his desk, but she's stopped mid-dash by Mom. Who grabs her and hugs her tightly.
He continues, "The reason I never told you is because your parents would never agree to it. Even if you did, you would likely tell your parents. And-"
A thought hits him, and he stops mid-sentence.
"..Have your parents ever told you about what happened to them when they were young?"

I notice Mom visibly flinch, still clutching Maeda.


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And it feels like the longest five minutes ever.

I can't just sit here in the house, I need to stand up and do something before the sitting and crying drives us both insane.
Slowly, I wiggle from Aiko's grip and rise to my feet. She stands with me, as if to pull me back down again, but finds her own support.

"W-where are you going." Aiko says, still trying to hold back the tears.
"I'm going to go greet Maeda outside. After we talk to her I can get going."

Aiko looks legitamitely hurt,
"'You' can get going?"
"Yeah, I'm going to go to Fortune and-"

She grabs me again in another bearhug.

"And what makes you think you're going alone!?"
"Bmm-bm d-ngmmm m mm"
Aiko, I can't breathe, seriously.

Suddenly, there's a knock at the door, walking over and opening it. It's Maeda.
And her brother, Ryouta.

"We're going to Fortune. Now." She says, I don't think I've ever seen her like this.

>No, Maeda, Aiko, it's too dangerous, they only want me, I don't know what they would do with any of you
>Yes, I need all the help I can. Let's go
>Get emotional again

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"What? No."
"Oh thank god." she sighs.

She slumps back down onto the mat we were sitting on.
"I sometimes wish I could just do recruitment tomorrow and leave the door locked, but as you can tell, this club doesn't get many members to begin with."

There's a shout that sounds like it came from down the hall, followed by a chorus of applauding and cheers.

"Unlike my BROTHER'S CLUB which gets new people all the time." She sighs again.

"Um, so what is the Kendo club?" I ask
"Oh, you know what Kendo is, right?"
"Well, yes."
"Then, it's a Kendo Club."
"That's not- what I meant was 'What is it that the Kendo club does at the school?'"
She looks, confused?
"..Kendo?" she meekly responds, is she expecting me to ask something different?

"You don't get many members here? How come?"
"People don't like it very much, it's not as 'interesting' compared to the punching clubs for meatheads and-"
She cuts herself off, laughing lightly.

"So, were you thinking of joining?" She says, loosening her posture
"Maybe. I want to see all the clubs first, before I do."
"Just remember, Masami. Don't do what Aiko does."

Those are words to live by.

"Anything else you wanted to ask?"

>Nope, goodbye
>Tell her about the soldier following you
>This club stuff is boring, get to class early.

Sorry for the update slowdown

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"Can I talk about it a bit later? Long story short, Mom was tired so I just had some toast this morning."
I start snatching food off my plate, I must be hungrier than I thought.

"Oh, that's no good. Was it something I did?"

"No! No of course not. It was kind of... Um."
Maybe.. Oh!
"She just didn't feel good this morning. I think she may be coming down with something." There, perfect.

Maeda still looks really worried, but she doesn't press the issue any further.

"Did you help make breakfast then?"
"Oh, I don't know how to cook, really."

Mae puts her hand to her chin,
"Hmm, that's no good, but you did come to the right place if you want to learn how to cook!"
"That sounds like a good idea, maybe I shou-"

Suddenly, Aiko is next to me.

"You weren't about to join a club before the day was over, are you?"
Maeda looks serious all of the sudden.
"Aiko, please don't do this. You do this every semester."

"Please Maeda, everything is fine! I haven't even visited the Kendo club yet!"
"Then maybe you shouldn't today. Not unless you're seriously planning to join that is." Wow she looks serious all of the sudden.

They continue to glare at one another.
No no.
I should ignore this. It's too stressful for me to think about right now.
Just keep eating.

Thread end.

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I start to think about that positive energy flowing through the card, of the soft warmth that seems to be constantly emitted from the inside of it. It starts to glow vibrantly.

"Can you make it glow like you did for Ryo?" She asks
"But, I am making it glow" I respond.

Mae stares at it for a moment before standing up, walking over to the lights, and turning them off. The closed blinds make it seem like dusk had fallen over the room.

If it wasn't for the miniature sun I was holding in my hand, I would have problem seeing anything in the room. Yet, the card continued to shine, and illuminate the small office with a rich, golden aura.

Mae turns the lights back on, before she sits back in her chair.
"Is that as bright as it gets? It looked kind of like you were holding a very tiny, very dim lightbulb."
I'm really confused now, "The entire room was illuminated for me."

She looks skeptical, "What makes that card so different from the card I'm holding?"
"You mean, besides the big black marking on the front of it?"

She fumbles with the card, looking at it intently. Before slowly replying,

"What 'big black marking'?"

Now it's time to worry, am I seeing things? Is this really happening? Is there something wrong with my eyes that is making me see things like cards and visions? I haven't exactly been having very restful sleep lately, so it may have something to do with that.

Maeda looks equally frustrated, she tosses the card back over to me before cupping her hands to her forehead.

"My understanding on how this all works is pretty much shattered at this point." She looks up at me, "I really wish I had met you back when the attacks first started, maybe now I would understand how it all works."

>Comfort her
>Ask something about this
>Change the subject
>Like maybe to who is going to walk me home
>Maybe Aiko should walk me home
>Maybe Mae should
>Maybe both of them should! Calm relaxing walking!

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