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Actually you don't. Largely because it's a private website hence no rights. There's also the fact that it's illegal in a lot of places. I'm glad people get frequently banned for posting that shit.

Only thing triggered now is my funny bone. I haven't stopped laughing for like 10 minutes.

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Because children doing heroics and killing dragons/goblins/ganondorf is a staple of the genre and there's really no reason why it should be questionable.

Sex with children is all kinds of fucked up for obvious reasons.

Takes some autism for this not to be obvious, anon.

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Nope. That isn't what you said.
>things that wouldn't affect you if they wete real which they are not.

Keep trying though, this is entertaining.

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>that fucking feel
>that moment when I realized anime logic doesn't carry to IRL
>the subsequent years of semi-reliable poon

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>implying I'm talking about that post and not the sudden and blatant streak of polposts in the streak of 5 minutes across all the front page

1/10 you didnt even try

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Sounds unbearable.

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