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Save the world. But as their power grows and dangerous disregard for collateral along side it, they're becoming more a Godzilla Threshold all the time.
Ironically, it's some of the more villainous companions that have a better grasp of the situation to coordinate a measured response. Mostly because they have a more rounded understanding on collateral.

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Old version: I can summon Odin and then summon other demons to taste, being able to express my likes and dislikes and desires creatively.

New version: I can summon Odin and then maybe a Huldra or something. I don't have enough points to express my own tastes or make an original build.

Clearly the old version is superior and gives greater build variety.

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The only villains at my table are the party.
They busted a small protection racket by murdering half the town guard and setting multiple critical buildings (which employed many people in the community) on fire. Now the merchants (who are almost all irredeemable shits to begin with) don't have to pay their protection money, but half of 'em are out of business, a tenth of the population lost their job or jobs servicing those who lost their jobs, crime is up, the city has no defenses, and the town well is poisoned because the party dumped the jackass tanner's chemicals into the water supply while they were ransacking his shit to teach him a lesson.

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>What's the craziest thing you have ever done in game?
Delivered the Metis child of one of the other werewolves in the game and his lover that he had left not knowing he had gotten her preggers.

I had Medicine and every other werewolf present was freaking out. It's not crazy on a grand scale I suppose, but probably craziest since I don't think people deliver Metis babies in-game on the regular.

Also wishboned another werewolf, for pic related reasons.

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Wait, we have been calling them the jactice league but they may actually be a super sentai group with their transforming abilities

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Forgot my pic.

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Pokemon campaign. Team of wild Pokemon toke their trial to god to nerf humanity before humans end up destroying the world. Things go to shit right after because they won.

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Is it ever okay to do immensely awful things for good intentions?
At what point does it go from anti-hero into villainy?
Is that villainy justifiable?
What separates your Lawful Evil or Chaotic Evil PC from the BBEG?

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>m-muh 6 million chilluns

Pfft, get over it hoggies.

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>decide I want to try writing up the exploits of my Merc company for NaNoWriMo
>Already 6k words behind on the pace I should be going at
>my prose is hackneyed, my dialogue is boring, my descriptions are wooden and my characters are flatter than Wayne Waco's son

Kill me.

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starting a dnd 5th edition game soon

DM has played before, but rest of group (me included) is completely new to RPGs

Any tips? How much of the rules do I need to know before we start?

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I hate to tell you this anon, but you're the one ruining things here. You derailed a thread that was more-or-less on-topic to both itself and the board in general.

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Spoke like a true PC, Anon.

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This is how I chaotic good.

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Of course.

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You came to the wrong thread to deliver actual insight, my brother. I apologize. It appears we've been caught in... a troll thread.

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I'll look forward to the day this happens.

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This is how I remind players that the more rope I give them, the more nooses they tie around their own necks.

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This is how I paladin.

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I had a guy walk out of an apocalypse world game lastnight in the most childish kinda way. I mean, I guess it was just that he didn't get what he wanted? He's normally pretty good about being a chill dude, but apparently that doesn't translate into pnp.

>playing the driver, no shits given and no allegiances made
>That Guy wants to strike a deal with me, because he wants my rocket launcher
>He insults my crewmember pretty thoroughly, to the point where the crewmember wants him dead
>I agree to transport That Guy to a secluded location and leave him there if he heals one of my wounds. the crewmember wants to come along to make sure there's no funnybusiness
>On the way, That Guy once again insults the crewmember... and states that he's making a seduction roll. Just off the wall. GM asks what That Guy wants--he replies, "I just really wanna have sex with the guy threatening me"
>I explain to him that if he's looking to make the threatening guy lay off or drop his guard, he should state that and take more a manipulation angle
>"I just really want to have sex with him, honest"
>GM doesn't buy it and states that the crewmember, who That Guy had just spent most of the time calling racially inferior, will have sex with That Guy only if he also gets to kill That Guy beforehand -- it's the apocalypse, after all
>That Guy storms out because he didn't get what he wanted--he felt the 'hard choice' wasn't actually a choice (in fairness, it wasn't. but logic and roleplaying should anyways supercede randomly inserting the rules)
>GM takes a break, makes a compromise: crewmember will agree to bang That Guy if That Guy is tied up in rope the entire time
>there's an agreement, we arrive at the secluded place
>when crewmember asks about what was agreed, That Guy pulls his shotgun on him and tells him to leave
>he got mad at the GM because the GM wanted him to take responsibility for his words and actions

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Have you / would you play in a Mystery Men setting?

For those who haven't seen the movie, it's a dry humor parody of super hero team movies like the Avengers, wherein the team's powers are all really crappy C-lister material.

For example, the ability to accurately throw silverware, be invisible when no one is looking, or be extremely mysterious.

The characters must master themselves and their powers to make the most of them creatively. Kinda like fruit eaters in One Piece, if you follow that.

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Examples for each square requested.

I don't play RPGs or read many novels, so avoiding those would be bonus points.

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