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It has to be common or extremely well known. I would say Gasoline would be your bane, so just inhaling Petrol fumes would cause you to take bashing damage.

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- Stand
Steely Universe

- Ability
Firework Creation.
Steel Universe can summon and ignite a huge variety of fireworks, including variants that have not been seen in the industry. The Stand-User can control:
--The size of the firework's explosion
--The exact coloration of the resulting flare
--The fuse time (time until it detonates)
-- General size and shape

- Awakened Steel Universe
The Stand-User can now transform anything within line-of-sight into a firework.

- Steel Universe Requiem
Final Climax
The Stand-User could control Steel Universe's fireworks before. But now they can add a whole new twist to each explosion. The Stand-User can add a variety of effects to each firework before they detonate. The effects will start off small and grow.

Thanks to JojoAnon, who left this way back on thread #96, which was 226 threads ago.

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