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If it was happy, i wouldn't need the liquor

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Reposting before I cry myself to sleep. When SoM errata comes out, which class should get a guide? I'm already mostly through with Conscript and Sentinel and am going to add more to them before re-releasing them when the Errata hits

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>allowing 3pp content
>being surprised a party of 6 can take on encounters well above their CR without issue
>being upset about a kineticist

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Not 2hu fag myself, but I'm wondering is it bad for me to prefer to have all the enemies out on the table at once for my players, instead of having them rely on backup in the middle of the fight?

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>A martial doesn't suck hot shit by default and doesn't require you to autistically database-dive to make it good

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Bitch, Knowledge skills are some of the most pointlessly spread-out bullshit.

There are fucking TWELVE Knowledge skills in DSP! Twelve, for fuck's sake!

Meanwhile, Bluff, Diplomacy, Perception, and Sense Motive are... what, 4 skills total?

You're telling me that investing in Knowledge is dogshit compared to the "big skills" like Bluff, Diplomacy, Perception, and Sense Motive.

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>2hu constantly asks "why would you not?" about extreme optimization
>DHB goes "check this out" when talking about extreme optimization

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>fighter is not allowed to do shit from a modern action movie because NOT REALISTIC REEEE
>but wizards can exist

Really makes me think

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>want to make a skinwalker Inquisitor because the flavor is fun
>but an Oni-Spawn Tiefling does everything I want mechanics-wise, with bonus goodies sprinkled on top
>whenever I try to make any kind of character I constantly circle back to "but I could just make it a tiefling and it would work better"


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>I could have gone with a Str build
>I could have even gone with a fucking Str/Int build
>but all those options only came about after I was already too deep to switch
>now I don't have any time to look for games with which to play any of my Str builds

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>being this new
How's your first summer on 4chan so far? Been to /b/ yet?

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But does the new Deadly Agility work with Dragon Style?

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I rolled age for a sorcerer and got 16 once, and that made it really awkward when I got into game with a kitsune specced for enchantment, intended to be an example of why you don't trust enchanters

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>tired of making Int-based characters
>Cha always feels oversaturated during app processes and I can't get into most of the Wis-based classes

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>voicefag vs textfag bullshit again

It's 100% on the people involved, regardless of medium, to keep the game running smoothly. Shitty people will turn everything into a slog and make things miserable, but if you find a good group then pacing will come naturally with time. Your personal experiences do not mean that the method you use is superior, just that you prefer your chosen style of play and have put in the effort to find people who you fit with.
TL;DR we've run in a circle of arguments again, next up is either screeching about Good Necromancy not being a thing, or something related to "GIB LOGS NOW"

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Actually fuck off m8

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I'm tired of being a dexfag and want to be STRONK, but hate the gestalt/PoW Str-fag meta and don't actually like heavy armor that much.

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I got you sempai!

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Gone back to Gensokyo.

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>tfw it's true

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I'm pretty sure I'm not. It's at least 50/50 from what we see in this thread alone, and I'm on the side of the author so, yeah.

I'd rather have it die with dignity, than live on dishonored by shitty adaptations and money-milking schemes. The latter is what happens to all "beloved" franchises that keep being pushed until they eventually devolve into utter crap.

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Let my picture be an answer.

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>tfw didn't get in
On one hand, I was applying mostly because I liked my character concept and didn't seriously intend to play. On the other, I am still kinda let down I didn't even made it to first 10. Cheers to those who made it, though!

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