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I would if Dueling Network was not god awful or YGOPro learned how to keep it's servers up.

I'm not paying out the ass for a ruthless meta. Admittedly it's better than Magic but so is anything. Real card games are either deck builders like DC Universe and if you insist on a tcg go with DBZ or Pokémon.

Pendulum is fun as fuck though.

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This. The only ways I've seen 3.5 work are
>Getting rid of core classes which no one wants to do.
>Playing Pathfinder... and still experiencing a lot of 3.5's problems.

People say D&D has become too much like an mmo but in reality the problem is D&D plays more like a collectible card game where power-creep comes out of nowhere from a random splat-book, and it's typically the original player's guide that has all the worst elements of shit classes and uber builds.

Take Yugioh for example. Pendulum is akin to psionics or tome of battle, people complain about it, but it doesn't really break the game. If anything it speeds up decks that used to lag behind, much like tome of battle exists to help the power-curve of martial classes. People are complaining about this new element when arcane casters/XYZ are these all encompassing utilities, when rituals are either extraordinarily good (complete divine feats, alternate class features) or piss ant. (The classes in complete divine.)

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