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>start putting some ranks in craft(sewing)
>everyone thinks I'm doing it to make cash on the side during downtime
>I already have a profitable side business
>I'm just buying this so that when my character marries, her trousseau will be nice and full of beautiful linens and her future husband will have lots to be proud of

Is your character planning for their future? Are you ensuring it will work out for them?

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Can not!Inner Asia settings be fun and interesting?

Or are they doomed to merely being sources of not!bloodthirsty mongol ripoffs?

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Meleefags and spellfags not allowed.
What's an archer's niche in an adventuring party?
Who's the most heroic archer of all time?
What's the best bow?

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What's the best archer? Rogue, Fighter, Range, or Bard? I'm guessing Battlemaster Fighter is probably near the top, but I'm already playing one.

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Fapbait turns me away from things. You don't appeal to me entirely by being attractive, you appeal by having a sense of humor, or even just being decent. That said, my definition of fapbait is awkward; for example, I think Dragon's Crown's Amazonian and Sorcress are exaggerated to such a gross degree that they're unfappable, plus the presence next to characters like the Knight and Dwarf warrant their exaggeration.

Plus, I prefer my women like Christmas presents.

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You have good taste.

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