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This is most damning and damaging for the spooky party. I would ask that there be stronger oversight of the spooky party.

Then there needs to be stronger constraints placed upon troublesome members of our senate, throw them into the pit and let the lions feast on them or give the plebs their blood sport

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I was never very good at telling the difference between them, they are both usually covered in shit and charging at our cohorts with their cocks out.

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Awe Parliament, I will be happy to do my duty for Rome, East or West. May all come and bow before the majesty of the Republic.

Also i would like to produce a draft requesting games be held in the reverence of our glorious Parliament for 100 days every 3 years. As well as a fitting number of barbarians, criminals, Christians, and undesirables to sustain the grand events.

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>The power to have the traits and abilities of Roman deities. A Roman counterpart of Greek Deity Physiology and a variation of Transcendent Physiology.

Well then, guess thats that. I could save the prince i guess but I literally became the embodiment of the Gods. More then likely going to find two hills next to a river and build my fantasy Roman Empire. Time to slaughter some barbarian scum and rape their wives.

I'm ok with this.

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>doesn't enjoy incest
Plebian filth.

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I have a Korean girl who has no idea what that word is. Give up some source anon or I will be forced to do unseemly things

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