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>thinking the system is at fault

There is no system that can't be broken. Pretending there is just makes the kind of people who enjoy playing broken characters get excited.

What needs to be changed is people's understanding of what broken means, and how the spirit of balance is not adhering to the rules, but adjusting your strength to the power of your comrades.

In a game where the ultimate difficulty is determined by a person who is supposed to provide a challenge comparable to the power level of the group, the idea of making a character "strong" only has meaning in comparison to the rest of that group.

The player with the "strongest" character simply has the largest ego, and should be ridiculed.

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Where did brown elves come from?

Both the Dökkálfar and the Svartálfar are described as having skin that was black (blacker than pitch or coal), and Tolkien's Moriquendi were also described as black.

The earliest I can think of a brown elf isn't all that long ago, 1990 with Pirotess, though I don't doubt there were precedents to that design.

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Brown chicks are best.

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