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/h/ lies between /e/ and /d/, a buffer region between the two warring states that eventually took on its own cultural character. Less restrained with their promiscuity than /e/ but less twisted than /d/, it hosts a mixed population of men, orcs, elves and everything in between. Several centuries ago, it had been a land of forests, populated by elves and human colonists from /e/, before /d/ began a series of regular invasions.

A soldier can leave his life of warring and whoring for one of many reasons. Sometimes he is wounded and unable to fight any longer; sometimes he has found something that compels him to stay; sometimes he is tired of it all, and sometimes he just wants to live in a region of the world where you don't have to actively check to make sure your prospective wife doesn't have a penis. Coming from the positively slaaneshi /d/, an unpredictable swamp of slimegirls, dickgirls and wild magic, the reliable environment of /h/ and its universally dickless females were very attractive to the invading human and orc conscripts. Some took their women by force, others did it with consent, but at the end of the day, many of /d/'s invaders settled down in /h/ and raised families.

/h/ is a land where virility and fertility is respected; men who can reach their 70s and still perform are respected for their ability to do so. Integrating traditional /e/ values of chastity and /d/ traditions of depravity, many prospective brides practice a ceremonial and largely consensual form of "rape," in which the groom carries off his bride and consummate their love. This allows the bride to claim that she only compromised her chastity by force and the groom to demonstrate his resolve, and provides a convenient pretext for marriage. This ritual is often outright planned out by the families involved beforehand. As divorce is banned under similar /e/ concepts of fidelity, divorce and/or polygamy is also often formalized in the same fashion, usually called NTR.

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Elf ears
Dressed like a slut
Nether seal

Desirability 20
Defiance -2

Slutty elf queen who betrayed her people for orc dick. She believes that the nether seal will keep her from becoming orc breeding stock.

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For more information on what you can fit in a halfling's fun box, see Kuroinu episode 2.

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Smutty smut that tries to be humorous as well as breaking the mold. Innocent minotaurs being lured into debauchery by elves, tentacle monsters being pegged, stuff like that

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>>Try to get Mako to take her class

>>>Ask her to come with us for a chat

"Mako, what are you doing?"
"Eldric, hi!" -she greets us with a beaming smile

Ah, in four months, this angel? mine.


Ah, no, wait, we're getting distracted. Focus...

"What are you doing?"
"I was talking with miss Gina about school. She is trying to convince me to take her class, but, I want to try and learn to cast more than a single spell at the time."
"B-but... a princess shouldn't be in combat... your highness shouldn't need to fight by yourself, right? am I wrong? w-what's the worth of a king's swordmanship, right?"
"But, I want to help Eldric...."

Miss Gina looks at us. She has rather nice almond eyes, but I think she wants us to combus and explode.

"W-why you...!?"

"Mako, I would feel more at ease if you had a pet to hide behind in combat. Mako's safety comes first."
"But..." -she doesn't seems convinced

>Keep pushing
>Let her learn whatever she wants

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Man, that's a really funny filename!

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Brown elves

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>viral advertisement

I RECOGNIZE THAT ANIME and it's from a fucking porn series. The first episode is fantastic and it should be required viewing for any fa/tg/uy.

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>Thread theme is how you change up or otherwise reinvent existing classes, races, or what have you in your settings.

Orcs are the corrupted form of all the races kidnapped by devils for use as slaves. Human, Elf, Dwarf; doesn't matter what they were before. You work in Hell long enough and your descendants become Orcs. However, the Orcs eventually rose up against their captors and escaped from Hell into the world proper. Now they are a mostly tribal society with druidic traditions that arose from attempts to rekindle their connection to the world. Now they mostly thrive out in the wilds that most races consider too dangerous to settle, where they domesticate the local dinosaurs.

Elves, as a race, are in hiding. They were originally created by the Fey, but were made imperfectly and are thus mortal. This didn't really bother the Faerie Queens, as they wanted playthings anyway. It was then, however, that mysterious beings known only as the Elders intervened and rescued the fledgling Elven people, spiriting them away. Elves are now spread out over the continent, but regardless of distance and respective cultures, all Elves revere the Elders. (Sidenote, the Elves that were not rescued are now the Drow.)

Dwarves are culturally built around ancestor worship, which is a really easy thing to do when you have a racial affinity for undeath. Whether due to stubbornness or some other factor, Dwarves are by far the most likely race to produce ghosts and revenants. The result is a very clan based and traditionalist society, with a large emphasis placed on the wishes of elders who may very well haunt a place if they aren't happy.

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>corrupting moralfags
>corrupting champions of justice

Guess that would be a Corruption of Champions
I'm sorry
no, actually I'm not

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This is how I elf slave what do.

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>There are people in this board who doesn't want to be orcs.

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Bitches be crazy
Yes. There's another nonlewd panel, and then another one too great for your virgin eyes

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