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Looking for Githzari monks if anyone has any.

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Why limit yourselves? (Pic Related)

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Rahkshasa (still not sure on the spelling)

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>character concept
Post a character concept and alignment. I'm going to design an AP around the first four good characters.

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Modern fantasy and erotopia. This is funny.

Alot of people are after me you see. Some want me as a personal toy. Others because i wronged them a while back. But it doesnt matter to me. Ive got a whole system set up to prevent these from coming true. Ive got the dirt on every important figure in every country i go to. If im really in a bind i can just go back home with the rest of my fellow felines and lay low for a while.

Theres a succubus after me. One of the leaders of he mafia. After some...business, didnt go straight shes pretty pissed at me. If she catches me *takes a drink* well lets just say their wont be much of a "me" left to think about.

But its all good in the end. Ive got armies at my finger tips and leaders at my beck and wim.

Power and women. Thats all i need.

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I'd rather play with a rakshasa. All the benefits of a succubis, access to exotic food, drinks, hookah, and if your close buds and prove your loyalty, you might get acess to his personal Harem, all while sitting on the comfiest of cushions. Plus, as long as you have a contract, you won't have to worry about losing your soul.

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Hey guys. I'm working on a breakout scenario. The story in short: The PC party (Evil) Tried to kidnap a prince, they get captured they are now in the shittiest jail ever. Now they have to try and survive/break out of this place. I got most of this scenario down but I really want some imaginative or elaborate punishments/torture methods. Anyone got some ideas?

Pic related: Prince they wanted to kidnap.

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idk, why do people like catgirls so much?

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