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this is like not knowing about meatbread

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I still need someone to put the content online for me to download it, that's what I was asking
Inb4 no one does it and I die without playing it

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Since most of us have eating disorders, and IRL we're still meaty flesh people who think food is tasty.

At least I think some of you are still meaty flesh people. Wouldn't be surprised if some of you were fucking spiders or dragons behind the keyboard.

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You know what's worse? You know how the DPP is all about codifying magic and stuff? It's been analyzing my own code after each and every jump, to categorize every single change I've ever been under. Along with a ton of digitizing perks/data virus perks to infect others with that very code to augment them.

Everything has led to this.

...okay yeah no. THAT's just crossing the line into douchebaggery. Literally everything can go wrong there.

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>the sole balancing mechanic in AoS is not playing AoS

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Obviously he wanted to be an edgy Antman

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>Is that how it works?

I think so. Page 225 in the first book:
>Artifacts register as Magical
>They may be detected by the flow of warp-energy around them. Any effect that reveals magical flows. A character with the Arcana skill can make a Test (TN 20) to identify an object as an artifact.

But then I looked at stuff of Nightmares, and it lists "Spell, Power Weapon, or similarly unusual source."
So in that case, it is really up to the DM if artifact materials should bypass Stuff of Nightmares.

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It's fun. The psyker's poor aim almost killed us when it let loose some heretical artifact, which in a couple turns summoned a greater daemon that possessed one of the thugs we were purging.

The AdMech was quick in thinking and asked for backup in the form of a small squad of Grey Knights, while we took the opportunity to kindly kidnap the person we were looking for, and finish off the threat.

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PCs stir up the Bane+/powerhobos hornet's nest

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I admit I'm really uncertain about how Shopkeepers and Adventurers get plenty of free stuff, but eh. Let's see where this goes.

-Background: Adventurer (Free) -After the crazy shit that was before? I could use some relaxing.
-Race: Elea (950CP) -Screw it. Elf, because why not? I've already got a sick bow.
-Epithet (Free) -SHIT SHIT SHIT UM... I am the Crimson Thunder! Oh gods I feel so corny.
-Barrage (900CP) -FIRE AWAY. Combined with DMC, this will serve me well.
-Surprise Attacks (800CP) -Whelp. This is gonna suck for everyone.
-Circulation Magic (700CP) -All day, every day. EVERY DAY.
-Greater Evade (Adventurer Free) -Second chances are pretty nice!
-Magical Body (Adventurer Free) -Extra magical reserves are also nice.
-More Concentration (Adventurer Free) -Hell. Yes. Seriously, HELL YES.
-Bow Master (400CP) -I... wait. Wait a tick. My arrows can go through 10 people before stopping? ...WORLD OF PAIN.
-Knockout (Adventurer Free) -This is actually more useful than it seems. I can go all out WITHOUT killing someone.
-A Shabby Cloak (200CP) -I'm... not sure why it specifies chestbursters but minimizing corruption is good!
-Gene Machine (0CP) -I am okay with this. By 'okay' I mean I'm gonna take it apart and see how I can use it.
Dice Rolls: Free Pick (A Cave), 60 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

This world's gonna have a crazy time soon.

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>Chapter master piloting a riptide suit armed with demolisher cannons

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One way or another, this is going to get very ugly very fast.

Good luck, guys. See you on the other side.

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The state is by the people.
Hence why you made sure you won't ever get proper healthcare once you decided that it should be made up of vastly different kinds of people, many of them with conflicting interests.

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>three straight witches in a group of ten

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>read through entire thread
>remember why I'm always alone

I'm beginning to think my standards might not be too high, but just that everyone else is a douchebag... or something.

Oh yeah, and one time (age 10ish) I tagged a house with a friend, and we ratted each other out when the cops showed up. Relationship was strained after that, but in retrospect he was kind of a dick.

...and one time I might have stole a girl from a friend of mine. She was doing meth at the time (we didn't know) and I was experimenting with other drugs too, so it was more of an, "everything is fucked up, get out while you still can" situation.

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