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> combat ensues, he ends up killing the scientist with a machete
> he tucks the kitten inside his vest
> they sneak out, lock down lab
> hear jet starting up
> go to landing tunnel, shut off lights
> both characters can see in the dark, one because of nightvision goggles, one because of natural nightvision from genetic modification
> guards fire blindly, they shoot them.
> knock warlord out with injection of sleeping medicine
> same with colonel from before
> put them on ship
> one character forces pilot to ready the ship to take off
> other character: "Im going back for the kittens"
> he runs back to the humvee they came in, to grab their other weapons
> runs back down hallway, kills four more soldiers
> makes it to kitten room, puts them in his other backpack
> runs back to landing bay, killing soldiers with his gauss rifle on the way
> makes it back
> they take off
> they are pursued on the way back, but the enemy planes are shot down as soon as they cross back into old californian airspace

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how a critical military mission was almost ruined by one man's love for kittens.

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