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Slowly, his bed slowly starts to sit upright. Kaori gradually helps him stretch and bend every inch of the way.
The tope of his chrome-dome head is the first thing I see. Then slowly I start to see his cast. There's one around his neck, another which encompasses his chest, and the top of one which I can only assume is part of his torso.

He blinks twice at seeing me standing before him.

"First off." I begin, arms still crossed. "Her name is 'Kaori'. Get it right."

"Priestess." He groans. "I should have known, how else would she get in here in the dead of night?"

"We have some questions, about a very important matter."

He's silent, his unblinking eyes not moving from my own.
"And I suppose you'll torture me if I'm not cooperative?"

"No." I frown, "Because your lovely daughter here would keep me from doing it."

It's a staring contest, all of the sudden. Does he ever blink? It's unnerving.

"I'm not here to hurt you, Mister Chairman."
"It wouldn't matter, there's not much you could do to me anymore."

"I'm here because I need to know what to do with Asai. He said you were the person who split him initially."

"I was." He very uneasily lifts his right hand to glare at it, but then drops it from the strain. "I remember the day I did it. I was hoping to craft an unendingly loyal soldier who both had the charisma I lacked, and the fortitude I desired."

He's silent for yet another awkward moment.

"Thinking back on it. I was extremely successful."

"Dad." Kaori hugs his shoulder, much to his obvious pain. "Asai has absorbed the half that you took away, but he's done it weirdly somehow. Like he only kept the parts he wanted. What are those parts, and how do we fix him?!"

He continues to stare into space, it's really kind of confusing why he does that.


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"Asai, if you think this is funny then you are sorely mistaken." He says, once again in a deadpan voice.
This time, I can almost sense a hint of anger and vitriol.

"HEY CHAIRMAN!" I yell at him.
He turns around to face me. Which was his mistake!

The second his stupid block of a head comes into view, my fist pops him right across the jawline!
For one time in my life, he seems genuinely confused and hurt about something! Perfect!


My fist winds up and clocks him again, straight across his cheekbone. He stumbles back and grabs at the door handle a few more times.

His face scrunches, and his voice becomes gravely.

"Good girls listen to their elders."
He brings his hand up, in particular his fist.

On his hand is something I never really noticed before. It's a ring, with a red gem inset in the center of it.

I don't really care though! My hand moves up and goes for the follow-through. For someone I always thought was scary and intimidating, he's being a real pushover right now!

"Please, be a good girl."


My hand tries to move, but it doesn't.
My arms try to fight him, but they can't.

I take a step back, my head feels like it's screaming. I try to reach for my phone, but my clumsy fingers drop it. And then-


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I am Kaori Itsu-.

I'm just "Kaori". Today I've come to Fortune to meet my father.
Not "really" my father. But he's the closest thing I've ever had to one.

I'm amazed I was able to keep any of my nosy "family" from intruding today. Especially Masami, she's been so clingy ever since she took me home and declared me to be her sister. I'm amazed she didn't try to do something like stop me or insist that she come with me.

That girl, why does she always insist on being where I am?

But that's not important right now. All that's here is Dad, and me.
Speaking of which.. I asked him a question, and he isn't answering.

"TELL ME!" I yell at him, I need to keep my composure here. The only thing Father has ever respected is strength of self. If I falter here, I can forget ever getting any kind of straight answer from him.

Maybe I'm coming on a bit too desperate? Maybe too uncertain of myself? I really don't know.

I don't know what I'm doing at all.

"Magician. Thank you for coming all this way to see me again. But I'm not certain I understand the question you're asking."

He doesn't understand my question, what?

>"..Never mind, forget it!"
>"Have you ever thought of anyone in your life as family?"
>"This is just like you! You act like a big tough guy but you're really a big softie, I just know it!"

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Slowly he continues to turn his head, I don't know how, but he somehow knows someone is watching him.

His face slowly starts to become clear to me. The light cast on his face illuminates his rough features and his jet-black hair.

Quickly, without making any noise, I duck back through the door and rush down the hallway. I nearly crash into a wall in my haste to escape!

"H-how!?" Is all I can ask myself.
There is no way anyone or anything should have been able to see me, but he was able to! I've been down in that lab area before as well, I'm usually not able to see people in the observation deck anyway. It's some kind of weird one-way glass that keeps people's identities hidden.

That's really disconcerting, there's a monster roaming around the building that can see through my invisibility!

My phone's alarm goes off. It's time.

I don't have time to think about it any longer. It's time for me to get downstairs and escort my sister.

I really can't afford to be nervous right now.


I rush downstairs just in time to see Kaori walk through the main door. The receptionist spots her and immediately hands her off to another guy to show her the rest of the way.
What they don't know is that I'm walking right behind them.

We all walk into the elevator as the monstrous man keys in the floor.
Except it's not the 50th floor, it's the 13th floor he keys in. The empty floor that I was just at.
Suddenly, I feel very nervous. If Kaori is anything to go by, she is too.

The elevator clicks up the various floors until it opens on the 13th. Kaori and I step out into the completely empty room.

That's when the Chairman walks out of the room that was completely empty on this side.
The hulking man steps back in the elevator and disappears.

Huh, he kept his promise. A meeting, completely alone, with Kaori. Now I kind of feel bad about spying.

Kind of.

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