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>Else there still is Histoire, although she knows even less.

Well, histoire would probably try to explain it while talking entirely in Heptameter so...... that could be surprisingli cute, so why not.

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Jeez. If Blanc wasn't already the goddess of all things Nintendo, you'd almost be prepared to let her in as an honorary dwarf.

"There's a hole in the first cavern layer leading down to the next, but I sealed the breach with cobblestone," Mojang reports cheerfully. You can't help but note that she always, always flicks her gaze toward your dwarven body before looking back to you; force of habit's a hard thing to break. "It'll hold back most monsters long enough to get something stronger down there!"

Whatever you were about to say gets cut off as Histoire clears her throat. You turn to face the floating Key Fragments, and you swear they dip slightly, like a polite nod of one's head.

=I'm very sorry for interrupting,= Histoire says. =But I thought I should let you know two things. First, Shovel Knight is perfectly healthy, and she bears no major injuries- mentally or otherwise- from her time in the void. She simply needs to sleep for another few hours.=

You sag in place, and a weight lifts from your shoulders. Thank fucking god for that.

=Second, about the new goddess...= The Key Fragments swivel to face mini-Nep, who instinctively flinches back a little. Histoire pauses for a moment, noticeable even to you, before smoothly continuing on in her trademark clipped, precise tone of voice. =My name is Histoire. I'm commonly referred to as Gamindustri's Oracle, and it is my duty to, among other things, assist the goddesses in any way that I can. It's a pleasure to meet you.=

"Ah... me too. I mean, um, likewise, miss Histoire," mini-Nep replies hesitantly. "I don't have a name yet, but I'll let you know once I have one."

You can't see Histoire's face, but you can /feel/ her... her relief? Her smile? Something like that. =I await that warmly, younger goddess of Planeptune. I'm sure we shall get along quite well.=


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You feel your eyebrow twitching, and CPU Purple Heart's pretty features twist into an annoyed frown. This is /your/ fortress- your first REAL fortress in (or out of) Gamindustri- and you'll be damned if you let it crumble to an end as a result of stupid, wacky, anime-esque antics (as opposed the result of the usual stupid, horrible, violently negligent dwarven antics).

Right. You make up your mind, even before Blanc shoots you a glance: in the hyperdimensional void, an outer wall breach is a much bigger problem than a punctured cavern seal, and it's not like whatever's down there will end up breaching two more cavern levels and a magma sea.

You'll look into the explosions up top, and Blanc goes down deep?

"Fine." CPU White Heart nods her agreement, hefting her battle maul from out of nowhere. Thrusters flare up from invisible points suspended inches from her skin, the goddess's feet no longer touch the ground- and then she takes off without another word, flying down toward the cavern levels.

Godspeed, Blanc.

You take another look around the storeroom. Shovel Knight's still out cold, snoring away, and you feel a pang of guilt for the younger adventurer. You'll have to find the time to talk to her about what happened out in the void, because really, it's a goddamned miracle that she made it out okay.

When you bring it up with Histoire, her Key Fragments seem to nod. =I'll keep an eye on her,= the book fairy promises. =It doesn't look like there's anything wrong with her, but I'll perform a deeper scan, just to be sure.=

Right. With that taken care of, you turn to your- or Neptune's- erstwhile younger sister and/or daughter, only to find that she's sitting in the corner, hugging her crude handmade toys in a way that makes you realize that she needs all the comfort you can get.


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You can /probably/ fix up dwarves and other similar humanoids- or, okay, so you can at least bandage them up and stop them from dying- but healing up animals is completely beyond you. Trying to heal humanoids small enough to break with a /sneeze/ seems like a goddamn foregone conclusion, and you pray to fucking Armok that the fairy-inna-book doesn't need surgery, because you'll need /tweezers/ and you'll probably pull her spine out her nose by accident or some shit-

Your (dream-)body gently takes the reins from your panicking mind and forces you to kneel next to the little fairy. Knowing your luck, separating the fairy from the book will probably cause one or the other to explode, so you simply lift up the book and keep her balanced on it as best you can. Pulling from the deep and bottomless well that is your medical experience, you diagnose the patient as "was knocked the fuck out" and figure that the best cure is to give her some water from your ultra-emergency flask, which she sips daintily.

... and then you poke the fragile porcelain doll-like little girl with a finger. Look, this is the one and only chance you'll ever have to lord it over someone even SHORTER than you! Someone who isn't a baby (and lording it over babies doesn't go down well, for some strange reason)!

It's enough to bring her back into the land of the living, at least. "This should not be possible," the fairy murmurs, bringing a hand to her head (probably as much to clear her mind as to ward off your poking). She speaks in clipped precise tones- and if not for how grave she sounds, it'd make her seem like a little kid trying to act all grown-up. "How did she learn to manipulate her dreams in such a short amount of time?"

You snort. Look, you're sorry about knocking her out, but- why's she talking about you like you're not there?, you growl in your raspy tones that most certainly do NOT make you sound like a little kid trying to act all grown up.


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