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>their native alcohol is just mildly poisonous to non-dwarves
Well, that's not particularly surprising. Alcohol is mildly poisonous.

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The hive mind isn't even comparable to a chaos god. It's a hive mind so it's a collective conscious of the synapse creatures which communicates through "synapse".
This works the same as fucking bees do except they use pheromones and dancing to communicate, this does not mean they have a warp god does it.
It's not like something that exists in the warp then controls the tyranids in the materium. It exists in the materium because its a collective.

you utter melt

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Chief Librarian Astrophath.

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The original implementation of the "MOBA" concept was Aeon of Strife, a custom map for Starcraft (which of course is also an RTS).

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Should I recreate the picture on the left? I've got all the materials at an arms reach...

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I think you'll find we're more discussing alignment overall than just the Punisher by this point.

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>magic spells have components,
>like semantic

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Buildposter didn't say anything he could be wrong about. This time.

He said you were an angry son of a bitch, which is evidently factual.

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Ackchyually it's called a westaboo.

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Unless he let it get wet it hasn't gone bad. Wheat will keep for a long damn time. However if he has a half ton of wheat in an open wagon, it went bad the first time it rained.

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Do you even realize how ecology works? I hate the "Australia is le death world xDD" shit too, but your map does nothing to disprove it. In fact, if anything it kind of supports it, as the really venomous parts of Australia, IE the north, are where the least rabbits are.

And why would the fact that the presence of an invasive pest species with few natural predators do anything to show Australia is any less dangerous? The fact that rabbits are fuzzy and cute? So are koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, and a ton of other shit that's considered cute by most people.

Shit son, I agree with you that people need to quit the memeing, but you need to get a better argument than this.

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Thank you anon, my paleoautism was being triggered mighty heavily. I always hate to be the one to that though.

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Thank you, random autist.

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Um, actually, the gelatinous cube is 10 by 10 because as it grew up, it's shape was confined by the walls around it, like a jello mold. If you're in a dungeon with 5 foot wide tunnels, the cube should be 5 by 5. If you're in a dungeon with 15 foot wide tunnels, the cube would either be 15 by 15 or just a big blob because it's not big enough for the walls to shape it.

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what was the name of that /tg/ chatroom?

i can't find anyone to play dnd5e, all my friends are busy

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can i play dungeons and dragons with you guys although i'm new and don't want to use a microphone?

i made 2 characters so far and played in a group with some friends for half a year now, but there is still many things i don't know

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You drew her as a Faun so she should be called Faun Princess

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Nigeria has the largest economy in Africa right now. If South Africa could afford a Jaeger, they would be able to also. Egypt doesn't have the economy to build their own Jaeger or EVA, but like the rest of their military equipment they could always get an outdated model from the US on the condition that they still obey their peace treaty with Israel and otherwise be a good, pro-American military junta. France may also make a cheap, easy to maintain Jaeger to give to Mali in exchange for building up their presence in Africa. China wouldn't be retarded enough to give any of their tech to Zimbabwe (well maybe a hideously deformed EVA reject) but they may just lease out one to another nation they're trying to buddy up with for unrestricted access to their natural resources.

Basically, if the great powers are able to build a decent amount of EVAs and Jaeger, they use their outdated and/or obsolete ones as bargaining chips to expand their influence in the Third World. Sure, everyone's united in defeating the Kaijus, but what about afterwards?

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