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The Romans weren't the only cunts who enjoyed watching people fight. They enjoyed the SPECTACLE of People fighting. Gladiatorial Games had special effects and shit.

Also no. The Medieval States had jousting and melees. Which WERE initially lethal.

BUT HEY, let's stick to the period. During the time India had a version of gladiatorial combat in the form of fights between the warrior schools. And it was lethal.

Han China, meanwhile had The Platform. Ever watched Dragon Ball? Wherein there's a martial arts tournament were guy who gets thrown out of it automatically loses? That's The Platform. Basically there's a bracketed match of martial arts or armed (with fake weapons) combat wherein the top nigger becomes Champion. There's also a a king of a hill match wherein contestants fight in a free for all to throw people out until one remains.

The Platform also serves as the venue for legally sanctioned lethal duels between arguing gentlemen. Chinese law sanctions duels so long as there's plenty of witnesses so they're usually held in Bridges and Crossroads. But The Platform makes it extra legal and when it happens it becomes the event of the day.

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