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I've got this idea to do a Forgotten Realms native Adventuring Party Jumpchain.

It's be the classic party of four, Fighter, Rogue, Healer, Arcanist.

I'm pretty familiar with 3.5 and I know Fighters always get the short end of the stick, but I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions of a good Martial class for him/her to start as.

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Actually I think that might be a female Tiefling after all. Huh.
Well in that case it's still relevant to the thread topic. Win/win.

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"I'll give you one last chance. RUN!!"

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"Do you see what we're capable of now? You still have time to reconsider. Step down before it's too late."

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How can you tell one way or the other?

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Final one. The rest of my collection is much heavier armour or rather fantastical. Props to anons for their contributions.

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Never mind, got it to work by going into grid view first! Thanks again.

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Asked in the drawthread a few hours ago but I didn't get a bite. Any of you know of any good drawfriends currently taking commissions? Specifically ones able to work with male characters (I know some don't) but not one overtly masculine. Fantasy themed, of course.

I've messaged one of the older D&D drawfriends (Hoyt) but no reply yet.

On a more relevant note, can anybody PoW playtest experience fill me in on how TWF is looking? I've heard some strong words tossed around about "too good" and "overpowered" but I don't know how much of that is from full casters or what.

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found it

it's just another sweet pixiv fantasia thing

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"I struck my stepmother. A few times. I have to leave there now."

You crack a smile. You think you like her spirit. "What did she do to you, Igraine? Was she cruel? Did she hit you first? Was she trying to get you you of the way so her own children could take your place? It's all right, dear, you can tell me."

"No, nothing like that. I, uh... I thought that if she showed up all bruised in front of papa, he'd think someone had raped her and have their marriage annulled. I thought he'd never believe her story. He did. The old shit's smarter than I thought."

"Oh. Um..." You're at a loss. "That's not very encouraging. We're going to have to work on your anger problem."

"I wasn't angry. It was fun. I'm only sorry I got caught."


>Spend some patience to beat her to show her who's in charge.
>Deal with it later
>Have her sent back. You don't want a complete monster as a squire.

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>not paladin

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The chase rules in 3.5 are in the Dungeon Master's Guide, page 20, under "Evasion and Pursuit"

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That sounds glorious and I want one.

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