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So it appears that there is only Dorn and Lion left in the primarchs for there to be some write faggatory about. Even if it's only a draft as the Horus section seems to be.

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>Or you know, talk about the fact that we just lost the seventh legion. FUCKING AGAIN.
Wait, what
Is he just being melo?

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Watch 40 Days and 40 Nights.

Dude gets chained to a bed and raped. Then has to beg forgiveness from his girlfriend/love interest. Cue laugh track.

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This explains nothing.

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>Not declared in the spell
It's declared that the mass itself changes to 1/4000th meaning that the mass itself increases when it is dispelled
>so we must default to physics
P = mv
M is multiplied by 4000 when the spell is dispelled meaning the balanced equation would be:
>4000P = 4000mv
Meaning the momentum would be increased by 4000 to match the cannonball as momentum is the product of mass and velocity. As there is no mention in the change in velocity as designated by the spell we default to physics and assume it stays stable.

You claim to talk big about physics but you obviously haven't passed 5th grade pre-algebra

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Have any of you ever let a player play two characters? How did it work out and are there ways to do it well?

I have a player whose character had effectively been taken out of the story, but circumstances might provide for him coming back into the fold. But of course, in that time, he rolled up another character.

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