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>player posts brown elf druid
>stats have high charisma and con
>description explicitly says is 'fecund' and has 'life giving hips'
>worships a fertility stag god
>its not an ERP game

So.... should I try and make some half-elves, /pfg/?

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>Be male
>Appear vulnerable
>Be isolated and unattended
>"Accidentily" make a detour to through the bad part of the forest

Sooner rather than later, you'll encounter a group of brown elf amazons. They'll bully you, grope you and tell you that a handsome boy like you shouldn't wander around in the forest all alone. After that they'll either accompany you to their village or drag you there by force, after which a highly ritualistic form of fistfighting takes place between the elf women who found you. The winner gets to take you to their hut, where your marriage is consumated.

Don't tell them
>"B-but I don't even know you that well!"
>"C-can't we just talk?"
>"I-I'm a virgin!"
That'll only turn them on even more.

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I think it does depend on the subrace. I'd say itshould be as follows:

>High elves
Taller than humans, slender

>Wood elves
Shorter, more nimble, toned

>Brown elves
Taller, muscular, fetish bait

"Mutt" elves (a mixture of high and wood) should be around the same size as humans and of comparable build.

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>because each person has a little of every color, thats how we can relate to them all
>The color of the spells they cast. The colors of their actions and ideals. The color of their natural environment,

These are the closest to a real answer.
Someone living near a body of water like a mariner, for example, might be blue aligned. Someone living in frigid mountains, by contrast, might be red aligned because they use fire magic to keep warm.

There's no one definitive thing that makes a person one color or another, but a confluence of things. Even then attributes might make them multiple colors.

An artist, for example, could be white. He creates fantastic worlds within his paintings filled with beauty and perfection. The same artist, however, could also be Blue/Red - a brilliant visionary who sees what the world could be and is passionate enough to create it.

In this way a combination of colors, even opposites, can appear superficially to be another color. A rampaging Red/Green character may be seen as extremely Black to a White aligned character.

Morality alignment assessments also factor in here. White, for example, is never Chaotic Evil, but it might be Lawful Neutral in order to appear evil like with Konda and Elesh Norn. Black by contrast is never Lawful Good, but might be Chaotic Neutral and do good deeds when it suits them. Red, Green and Blue can be almost anything in between because the motivating factors behind those colors varies, but Red may be inclined to be Chaotic while Blue may be inclined to be Lawful although it certainly doesn't exclude the opposites for either.

tl;dr: elf butts

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Silly little girl, you don't ask human men for their affection. You take it.

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