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I've yet to find use for this one.

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listen here you little shit

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>Not knowing Metal Slug
I'd call you out on your shit taste, but it's a known fact.

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>That entire post
No, just please stop. You've obviously been indoctrinated.

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>Knows he's wrong
>Still resorts to shitposting

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>you people are just ridiculously mad that your part of the country doesn't matter
Nigga, I'm from Texas. The state that was it's own country for over a decade. The state with a farm bigger than rhode island in it. The state with the world's largest military installation in it.

So before you tell me that "My part of the country doesn't matter", you need to check your 13 colonies before they get wrecked.

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>He can't have fun
Take a look at this man. Take a look at this man, and laugh.

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>M-my goalposts are moving on their own!

You said that in the scenario where a dude's jerking it under the table, you'd be unaffected.


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>beetles fw

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Your posts stand out like a streak of shit on a white rug.

is thataway

Toodle pip.

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Alley Snakes rule.

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Wow he actually believes this.

This isn't just autism, this is Autism 2: Autismal Boogaloo

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You manage to be both pleb as fuck and still disgusting.

I'm almost impressed.

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I don't like you heard me.
This lemon.
Your 4th dimensional assholes.
It's going up it, and ain't a damn thing you can do about it.
This realm is now in the domain of Chin-Chin, even though no one wants it. It's filled with virgins that smell of stale doritos.

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Anybody happen to have that profile of the steel facemask lying around? I'm currently uparmoring a samurai-type character, and that thing would obviously fit the bill perfectly.

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>Holy Roman Empire (several small states)

Understatement of the year.

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