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You frown.

She's not an imposter.

So she must be sick!

You stand up on your tip-toes.

“Say, “aaaah,” Mato,” you say, looking into Mato's mouth.

She blinks, but complies. “Aaaaah.”

You squint. Yep. Her throat looks normal. And her teeth are nice and pearly.

You take a step back and frown.


“Sssshhh, shhhh, shhhh,” you put a finger on her lips, “don't worry, everything's gonna be okay,” you whisper. You think for a moment. What else- oh, right!

“Akari, what are you-”

“Not now, Mato,” you say, “I need you to drop your pants and cough.”

She blinks. “W-what?”

Oh, right- no wonder she's confused! “Your panties, too.”

Her face reddens. “Akari, that's not-”

“Mato. Please.”


Mato coughs, and you frown.
… What were you supposed to be watching for, again?

You kinda got distracted staring at Mato's... AHEM.
Oh, and there's that fascinating warmth in your cheeks, again.

… Anyways, it seems Mato is in good health. Perfect health, in fact.

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No, good ol' BURNING GLORY is at home, as are Mato's new hammer(s) and her armor.
You do have your scary murder-knife, though, and Mokarin seems to keep her staff-thingie on her... though you've no idea where. Additionally, Feito has 'Bardiche' with her.

As for loading the Eye of Judgment... it's way too big, and BURNING GLORY doesn't fire projectiles, unless you count photons.


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Oh, you.
... anyways, I think I've got this figured out, now.
... maybe.

Either way, writing!

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You shake your head and exhale the deep breath you'd just taken. “I... I don't even know anymore.”

Mato puts a hand on your shoulder and squeezes gently. “I know what you mean. Judgment work... it's always something different, that's for sure.” She chuckles a little. “I had just gotten used to how things were when you started, and then... well, you started.” She flashes you a grin. “And now everything's a hundred times crazier than it was before.”

Her grin proves to be infectious. “I'll try to take that as a compliment, I think.”

The two of you patrol in silence for a bit. “You know,” Mato says as the two of you turn a corner, “I'm pretty impressed, Akari.”


She sees the confused look on you face and elaborates, “Just a few days ago, you couldn't keep pace with me, even when I was hopping backwards on one leg. And here you are now, matching me exactly! Not many people could do that, y'know?”

“O-oh. Okay...” You think you're probably blushing. For Mato to compliment your athleticism... that's like if you were to compliment someone's ability to burn stuff!

>Was there something she wanted to ask earlier?
>Ask about your hospitalized classmates.
>Bring up the (failed) confession
>Talk about... [suggest a topic]
>Other (Write-in!)

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You're about to Heat Ray the stampeding robo-bantha when you hear a grunt and watch a solid, triangular piece of rock go flying straight through its head and out the other end.

You take a moment to gape at Mato before gaping at the machine again as it explodes.

Then, you gape at Mato once more.

She scratches the back of her head and laughs awkwardly.

[Mato has gained a new special ability: 'Rocks and Hard Places'. She'll always be able to find a good rock to throw from here on out.]

Then, a fist-sized rock whistles through the air and is narrowly avoided by Mato's face.

You blast the Tusken responsible with that Heat Ray you were meaning to fire anyways, sending him sprawling (and probably out cold).

The remaining Tuskens have repositioned themselves and their mechanical cattle in order to hide from you and Mato's onslaught.

There are two robo-banthas left, and [Give me 3 rolls of 2d8 apiece] Tuskens left. The nearest one is almost close enough to be within FLAMETHROWER HANDS range (but why would you ever use that?), and the farther one is easily within medium range.

You notice Mato stuffing rocks into her longcoat.

You'd ask, but you're pretty sure you don't wanna know.

>What do you do? You've dealt with your opponents quickly so far, but you're not sure how long it's actually been. Anti-Skill could well be on their way already.

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You were too late to save anyone.

It didn't really matter all that much, anyways.

None of them had faces, after all.

You made your way to the top of the tallest building you could find and began incinerating the city, as well as the aliens within. Your heat rays caused most everything they touched to burst into flame on contact, if not shortly afterwords, and you found yourself improving in their use as you waged more and more destruction.

By the end, you had mastered them, you think. Each of your blasts packed a large amount of force, most of them causing more damage from the 'impact' than the burning heat itself.

Your heat rays, it could be said, were hitting like trucks.

By sundown, the city was little more than a burned-out ruin, half-charred and half-engulfed in flame.

You found the form of their mothership by chance, having just happened to glance up at the moon as the craft passed in front of it.

You were struck by a thought, an idea.

After all, as long as you can see it, you can burn it.

It was almost too easy, really, turning the hunk of green-gray metal into a glob of cherry red metal and sending it careening into the moon.

You didn't heat a single point on the accursed thing, either. No, you heated it in its entirety- or, at the very least, you heated every bit of it you could see.

Unfortunately, your heat-sense was blunted by the immense amount of fire and molten metal and stone that surrounded you. In addition to your ability to sense heat, you didn't burst into flames after you dragged yourself out of the smoking mess you made of your home city. You think that might be symbolic or something.

You open your eyes after a few more moments of introspection.
You're in what you can only assume is Mato's room, cradled in her arms, your head tucked under her chin. She's sleeping sitting up, supported by the headboard.

The sun is just barely peeking through the shutters on the window.

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If Mato can shapeshift her body, does that mean she could become a Futanari/Hermaphrodite?

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