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Sakurako leans in a little closer and looks around the decrepit, graffiti-covered, run-down, urban hell-hole that is The Strange, then whispers conspiratorially, “A cow.”

You and Mato exchange glances.

Mato is the first to respond, and she says the thing that was probably the only thing one could say. “What.”

Himawari looks like she could die of embarrassment.

Sakurako frowns. “A /cow/. Y'know, a big fat thing with four legs and horns? They eat grass and stuff, and go 'Moo'.”

You rub your temples. “She knows what a cow is, Sakurako-san. What she doesn't understand is why IN THE NAME OF GOD YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING TO FIND A COW ANYWHERE IN ACADEMY CITY, LET ALONE IN THE RUN-DOWN AND LAWLESS GHETTOS!”

Your hair's on fire a bit.

Himawari looks startled, but doesn't otherwise show any fear. “See, Sa-chan? I wasn't trying to trick you.”

Sakurako lowers her spray bottle, primarily to cross her arms and pout.

“Maybe, but that doesn't mean you're not wrong! Right, Mato-chan!?” She emphasizes the outburst at the end by suddenly whipping her hand out to point at Mato, who frowns.

“Even if there was a cow here...” She scratches her chin.

>Let Mato try to figure it out on her own
>Point out that the cow wouldn't have anywhere to graze and would likely be stolen (and probably eaten) by Skill-Outs
>Just tell the two of them to get out of District 10 already.
>>Escort them out? [Y/N]
>Something else (Write-in!)

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Okay, writing!

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You nod. You have ALL the questions. If you could bristle with questions, you would, and you'd look like a questionable porcupine! Or maybe an inquisitive bramble?

“Why'd you bring me to your place? I've never even been in here before.”

Mato shrugs. “It was closer than your place?”

“Does Nee-chan know I'm here?”

Mato laughs. “Of course she does. She's here all the time.”

“Huh? Why?”

Mato shrugs again. “I dunno. She spends a lotta time with Miku-neechan, though. They're probably going out or something, I guess? I think she works for Miku-neechan, or something, too- like a bodyguard type thing. I guess she might just be a really dedicated bodyguard, but I'm fairly certain they're sweet on each other.”

You blink, taken a bit aback. The bodyguard thing doesn't surprise you much. Nee-chan has all sorts of licenses for guns and stuff, and there's usually a bulletproof vest hanging on the coat rack.

Nee-chan has a girlfriend? A girlfriend who is almost certainly an extroverted idol?

… weird.

Speaking of weird...

“Whose clothes am I wearing right now, Mato-chan?”

“The shirt and shorts are mine, the underwear are some of Miku-neechan's hand-me-downs.”

You clear your throat. “And, um... how did I happen to become dressed in these particular articles of clothing, anyways?”

“Whaddya mean? I dressed you, obviously.”

You cough and sputter a little. That's embarrassing, Mato!

“I... I see.” You clear your throat again. Hopefully Mato won't think you've caught a cold from your sleeping arrangements last night. “So, Nee-chan is already here, then?”

Mato scratches her chin and thinks for a moment. “Well, she was here last night when we got here. I don't know if she spent the night or not, though.”

“Hnn. Alright, then, I guess. I don't know why she didn't just tell me, but she probably has her reasons, right?”

Mato nods. “Right!”

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