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Found a pic of (you) katana master.

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>Whites are both biologically and culturally adapted to warfare, and have been over thousands of years.

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I feel like the Paladin finding someone else attractive counts as a love triangle even if it's only because one guy is forcing it.

Now I kind of hope OP goes full Nice Guy with this Lady Paladin. Preferably without even doing it intentionally--he's just that thirsty he actually starts treating an NPC like his actual high school crush.

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Here, I found the version who would bring firearms to a human-sized school dance.

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I found this picture of you.

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Oh look, its the butthurt neckbeard underage faggot again, raging in his fantasyworld of "it was real in my mind". And he actually sucks at rules to.
Well, colour me not surprised.

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>Your morality is brittle and rigid; it will shatter into nothingness the moment you realize that the corpsec you shot had a family too. Only people with flexible morality can survive in the shadows.

>tipping the fedora this hard

Wee lad, don't cut yourself, you seem to be EUPHORIC

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>obligatory "Hi Virt" (You)

I always wondered what drives a person to act like this kid. Is it just teenage angst and the deep-seated desire for your own identity? Does he think he's funny? Who is this picture for?

What do you think goes through his mind when he sees this picture on the internet?

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I'm totally open with my interests and hobbies and I've never been shut out because of them. But I also know not to sperg about my dislike of Elf tropes when I'm talking with friends who aren't interested. Not because I'm ashamed or embarassed but because there's a time and place.

>Maybe I'm just a sociopath.


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It's just some anti-social Nice Guy who thinks he's scarier than he is.

People like that would be funny if they weren't so pathetic.

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>maniacal laughter at inappropriate times

I think "smug chuckle" is edgier than outright mad scientist laughter.

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I was pretty spergy in middle school, but even then I thought anime was dumb. All my friends were into Naruto and wore those stupid headbands, and I couldn't understand why they thought it was cool.

I'm so glad I didn't grow up into a weaboo.

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I have the strangest feeling the kid who made OP pic is from Santa Fe...

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/tg/, here's a quite hard character writing challenge just for you

Create a serious, compelling and overall "good" character that wields katana, wears a fedora and and is an atheist. He also has to be male and Caucasian. Any setting is allowed

He has to be good to the point where you wouldn't be ashamed introducing him into your own game.

I'm not even trying to be jokey, I think every concept can be done well as long as you put your head to it

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I don't think fedoralords are particularly inclined towards firearms or put that much thought into them.

I mean, /k/tards and caliberfags are a real thing but I don't think they're necessarily synonymous with people who jerk off to katanas.

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I don't know, I really hated him.

I hated his idiotic anime ninja cyborg art design.

I hated how he served no narrative purpose other than to show up and kill characters from ME2

I hated his shitty 2good4u attitude

I hated how I beat him several times with all the dignity afforded to Team Rocket, but he still sent me that goddamn email just to tell me how much I suck.

He's not the worst character I've ever encountered in a work of fiction, but he's pretty bad.

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>posting some crummy cosplayer instead of an actual katanafag

Send out our most extroverted, in-shape paladins to deal with them. The fedora swordsmen are easily frightened by friendly, sexually active and attractive men.

Now let's make this /tg/ related so I don't regret bumping this shitty thread.

Say I wanted to play a Fedora Swordsman in Fate. What kind of Aspects, Troubles, and stunts would work best?

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There's another option, which is, "Live and let live." That's the conclusion I came to when I realized that just because people don't like the same things I do, it doesn't mean either of us are inferior/superior. We just like different stuff.

Also, you forgot fingerless gloves: hand wear of choice for movie-badasses and wanna-be-badasses.

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>He killed his former coworker (an Ugallu) two weeks later. It was pure luck, catching her unaware at the end of a long day before she had any idea he was a Hero. Her death filled him with a rush of power and left him more certain than ever of his calling. This was the life he’d been promised, full of action and certainty with great rewards at the end. All he had to do was kill every monster he could find, and everything would be exactly as he’d always imagined.

>Description: Thaddeus is a tall, skinny man in his mid-30s, clean-shaven with pale skin and neatly cut hair. During office hours, Thaddeus wears business casual polo shirts and slacks, and is completely unremarkable. While out hunting monsters, he wears a poorly fitted trenchcoat and a black trilby hat. Thaddeus considers himself a modern gentleman and speaks with an unnecessarily verbose vocabulary, dotted with “chivalric” language he’s mostly picked up from fantasy movies and novels.

>Storytelling Notes: Thaddeus can’t accept that he’s capable of making mistakes, or that anything wrong with his life might be his fault. If he gives them no other credit, he’s at least never one to underestimate the intellect of a Beast he’s facing: surely a man of his great skill and mind would never be called to exterminate anything but the cleverest of monsters. He believes that all Beasts are out to get him personally, and that any action from them is part of a cunning and evil scheme. Thaddeus always attributes to malice what others might attribute to stupidity, personal interest, or just sheer coincidence.

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