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[x] Well, I tried. Did they tell you what I need to do?

You sigh. “Well, I tried.” You say, defeated. “Did they tell you what I need to do?”

Stasya shakes her head as you extricate yourself from the bed, yawning and scratching idly at the scar tissue on your side. She and Lilya's eyes both get slightly wider when they see it, and they look at it for a second before they look back at you. “No, only that you needed to get up and go eat breakfast.”

You nod, yawning again before standing up and heading over to the closet. Given the girl's choice of attire, you're probably not on any kind of warning or alert- not that you could fly if you were. You're sure the crew is going to have to give the wyvern a pretty thorough looking-over before clearing it for flight, let alone combat.

Grabbing a pair of BDUs yourself, you take about five minutes to get dressed, trying to at least look presentable. You still need to shave, but other than that you make out ok, and the girls are waiting outside the door for you. They fall in behind you, while you stuff your cover into a thigh pocket and buckle on your watch.

“Morning, Frank.” Ice greets you when you walk into the kitchen, then looks at the girls, both of whom sit next to you while she brings over a plate. “Good work girls.”

Stasya looks at her kind of blankly, while Lilya smiles at the compliment.

“They tell you what all you've got to do today?” Ice asks, setting down the plate and motioning for Lilya to come help her.

You shake your head. “Nope, they just said they were told to come shake me loose.”

“Surprised they didn't need a crowbar.” Ice says with a smile.

You shrug, while Stasya looks up at you. “Papa, what does she mean?”


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[x] “What happened? Where's Frank? Where's the twins?”

“What happened?” You ask, cutting her off. You look downwind- there's no evidence of any more aircraft coming in, and they'd have been right behind the starlifter, you figure. “Where's Frank? Where's the twins?”

“Not here.” Tabitha responds. “My office. Please?” She sounds- well, she sounds bad.

[] No. right now. What happened?
[] Alright. Your office then.

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[x] Go inland, you'd rather not deal with crowds.

“We'll head into town.” You say, and he nods at that. “I'd rather not deal with crowds, especially with these two.”

He nods. “Ah, yes. Too early to be worrying about boys, yes?”

“What do you mean?” Stasya asks him.

“I-ah. Nevermind!” He says, grinning. “Let us go!”

You get through the lobby without any trouble- again, your police escort helps. You're surprised when Lilya's hand finds yours- you look down at her, but she seems insistent, so you hold it on the way out of the door. She doesn't let go until you're at the car, and even then till she sits down, taking the middle seat, between Merlin and Stasya.

You eventually find a nice restaurant in town- while you're not able to read the sign, the inspector says it's Italian, and quite good. While you think it's kind of odd to be eating Italian food in France, you decide to go with it.

It's quiet enough that you're quickly guided to a table, though both the girls insist on sitting next to you- leaving Merlin a side all to herself. Inspector Victoire heads to the bar in the center of the building, taking a seat that lets him keep an eye on your group without being obtrusive. You have to help them with the order- not too much, thankfully, just helping to translate a couple things. They eventually both select pasta dishes. You and Merlin do too, after some deliberation.


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[x] Don't worry, we'll be careful. Don't want to be too rough your first time.

You grin at her. “Don't worry.” You say, low enough that the nearby crew can't overhear. “We'll be careful. Don't want to be too rough your first time.”

She chokes for a second, the a look you rarely see on her comes over her face, and she looks back at you. “What if I want it rough?” She asks.

Well. You weren't expecting that.

She grins at the look on your face, and walks over to her pod, not another word said. You watch for a second as she sits down in it, then slides her legs into her strikers and gets help threading the harness through her rifle sling, to leave it available for action as soon as she's out.

You head up the ladder on the nose of your fighter after the lower the pod top on and seal the whole thing, getting in your ejection seat and getting your own harness buckled on before slipping on your helmet and plugging into intercom. “We all good on board?” You ask.

“Good here.” Merlin says, sounding happy. “Everything up to pre-start is done.”

You nod, though she can't see it. “Ok, hold off on the startup till we're towed out. How about you boss, how's it back there?”

“Dark.” She says, simply.

You laugh. “Not much to see yet anyway.”


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[x] Explain the situation, Merlin can add in her arguments after yours.

You take the lead in explaining the situation before either Ice or Merlin can- both of them are too biased to really trust one way or the other.

You start at the beginning, seeing Laika fly the XF-19 the way she did, and voicing how impressed you were by that. Nixon is silent as you go over everything you know, finally nodding when you finish off with a shrug. He leans back in his chair and nods again. “So that's about the size of it? You're interested by the potential, but worried about the potential effects?”

You nod. “Yes, sir.” You say. “Fact is, it's invasive, irreversible, and still too cutting edge for us to have a full handle on everything it can do to a body, let alone the effects of using it on an aircraft with two crew.”

“Alright. Then let me add in what I know.” Nixon says. “You're right when you say it's not entirely reversible. Our lead on the program says that the deep implants can be isolated and deactivated, then the plugs we use can be removed and skin grafted over them. You'd still have things in there, of course, but nothing that can do anything without the removed components.”

“A-and I c-can always monitor them for issues.” Merlin says, and Nixon nods.

“There's that as well, though we'd also put a specialist team in place with one of the best healwitches we've got on the payroll made available, at least until we know what this will do over a period of time.” He says. “I'm not just going to let you get this and then tell you to go play. You'll be monitored, heavily, for any signs of it impacting your health. If it is, out it comes.” He says.


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[x] That's different, though.

“That's different, though.” You say, grabbing a tray and walking through the line behind her. “One's a choice, one I have no control over.”

She shrugs. “Yeah, true enough, but you don't think they're just going to plug this shit into you and then tell you ok, ya know, go, right?”

“What do you mean?” You ask.

She shakes her head. “Shit Frank, you'll be testing more cutting edge bullshit- there's already tech reps inserted with our ground crews, they're all over your fighter half the time, looking for combat data to improve it. You think they won't do the same here?”

“That's worse!” You say. “Last thing I want is another person I gotta report in to after every sortie.”

She shrugs. “Yeah, but there again, it's part of the price you'd pay. 'Course, it also means if it does start to do unhealthy things to you, they can catch it early. Hell, they'll probably be watching for it closer than Ice would be, and we both know how she babies you.”

You're about to fire off a retort- it's not that bad- and Mav fixes you with a look that kills your sentence half-formed in your brain. “And don't try and say she doesn't. We don't mind, no one wants to see you fly yourself and your plane apart, but she does baby you.”

“I don't think some random ass doc is gonna baby me.” You say.

“Yeah right. Look at all the shit you'd be at that point. You're the navy's golden child playboy, prettyboy ace-in-a-day, flying the most cutting-edge hot shit they can get on a carrier deck, surrounded by witches and you're a war hero with a chest full of medals.”

“And metal.” You add with a skewed grin.

1/2 (I hope)

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[x] As much as I'd like to, I need to go find the boss.

You grin. “As much as I'd like to, I need to go find the boss.” You say, standing up.

She shakes her head. “That's another thing. You two don't sort yourselves out, I swear to god I'll spank you both.”

“Promises.” You respond, grinning at her.

“Yeah, you say that.” She says. “Every dude ever does. Hurr hurr what's better than screwing one witch? Screwing two!”

She looks at you. “Go ask Joe how that's working out for him.”

You pause at that. “Message received and understood.” you say, putting a hand on the doorknob, and grinning back. “But that doesn't mean I damn sure wouldn't try. You and Ice, huh?”

“Not even you, Frank. Not even you.” She says. “Now git. I have shit to do.”

You laugh, leaving the office and closing the door behind you and heading out of the office. Reflecting on it, you know, Joe really isn't doing so bad, but you haven't talked to him in a while. Either way, you figure Slider's maybe half-right, at least about the first part.

You head down to the Hangar, figuring that Ice'll be down there if she's not up in her office. Your intuition turns out to be correct- she's by her striker racks, working with the ground crew on the heavily modified YF-23 units.

“Heya boss.” You greet, walking forward. She half-turns and nods at you.

“Hey Frank.” She says, wiping her hands off on a rag. “What brings you down here?”

“Looking for you.” You say. “Mind chatting for a bit?”

“Not really. What about?”

[] Merlin wants VDNI. What do you think?
[] Has Brigitte come through for us yet?
[] What's the deal with Davis?

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[x] She looks out for her people, that's all.

You shrug, working to keep your face a study in neutrality. “She looks out for her people, that's all.” You say. “And I can't say I've got a problem with that.”

O'hare shakes her head. “No, no, of course she does, we know. It's just that if she could take a look at the bigger picture, how allowing her people to face some danger could benefit everyone, including you. “

“Think about it luv.” Matron Knight says, joining back in the conversation. “You push yourself hard now, and it gives us what we need to understand your talent and it's connection with the young miss Wells. Not only would we be able to help you, we'd be able to help other young men like you, we'd be able to help every witch like miss Wells.”

You shake your head. “Either way, it's above my paygrade. Now, if you ladies will excuse me, I have a flight.”

“Of course, commander Bishop. Good luck up there.” O'hare says, walking with Matron Knight into the support shop- they'll be in the hawks today.

You head down to the hangar, interrupting Merlin halfway through her walkaround with Kenji. She notices you and greets you from beneath they Wyvern's fuselage and open centerline bay. “H-hi Frank!”

“Heya kiddo. Hey Kenji. How's she looking?”

“Good afternoon, Commander. The wyvern is in perfect condition.” Kenji responds- one of the few times he's spoken before Merlin.

Merlin nods, agreeing. “N-No visible faults, a-and the boxes for the bay e-expansion are in place. W-we did some work r-right before they started packing o-our workshop, so we c-can swap them if we need t-to.”


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[x] No prob, boss. ETA on the Admiral?

“No prob, boss.” You say, feeling a mix of emotions. On the one hand, it's good that you're no longer the subject of everyone's intense scrutiny, on the other hand, you're not looking forward to being relegated to a chase role in a whole new series of displays and tests- especially if the program is moved back to the US. “Any ETA on the Admiral?”

She checks her watch- a small piece just between her MFD and her hand. “Probably about two hours, he said he'd be flying out of London.”

You nod.

“And listen I-” She pauses, then shakes her head. “I want you to do me a favor. Go talk to Matron O'hare. She's been the one that's listened to me the most, and she's been the one that's helped us out with the rest. She had some findings she wanted to talk about, but now I'm afraid I won't have the time.”

“You want that done now?” You ask, having to almost yell over the high-pitched scream of the strikers.

She shakes her head. “No, you don't have to now. Besides, you couldn't, she's going to be in the air. But make some time for it.”

You nod.

“Ok, that's it. Do me a favor though and change into a clean flight suit at least, before you see the Admiral. What the hell were you doing anyway, rolling around in the dirt?” She says. “Nevermind, don't tell me.”

She unlocks the strikers from the rack with a practiced movement- you can't help but wonder if that's standardized across all units, and glides forward between that gathered witches, leaving you, for a moment at least, alone in Merlin’s shop.

The moment doesn't last.

“Baron.” Brigitte greets smoothly as the crowd disperses, their look at the newest striker over for now. “I be needin ta have words with ya.”

[] Talk and walk, Brigitte, I gotta change.
[] Can it wait?

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[x] Well, won't take but a minute to look, let's check it out.

“Well, it won't take us long to look, and we're already here.” You say, looking around the room. “Let's poke through real quick, see what we can find.”

Mav shrugs, heading to the back corner, where a bookcase stands. “If you say so. I guess there'll probably be more comics back there, they were really popular for a while.” She says.

The rest of the room proves empty, and other than a few romance novels, surprisingly, the bookshelf does too- not even a single comic.

“Guess they expected to bring down their own books?” Mav asks, shrugging. “Whatever. I was right.”

“So you were.” You admit. “Alright, on to the next one.”

The door at the end of the hall is heavy- almost as much so as the one in the front room. Inside is a metal staircase going down several flights- your light only barely reaches the bottom, you make it to be two or three stories, at least.

“Wow. Wonder what's down there?” Mav asks.

“Probably the machine rooms and all the stuff that makes this place tick.” You say, gingerly testing the stairs.

“Maybe we should save this for later? That shit collapses out from under you... “ she trails off. “Man, I don't want to have to be the one that tells Ice her favorite fantas- I mean, pilot, died exploring some forgotten fallout shelter in the basement of the castle.”

The stairs look- and feel- sturdy, but you know that even that can be deceptive- even though the air here is cool and dry, there could be corrosion, and one bad step could easily mean a lethal fall.

[] You're right, let's check the last couple doors and head out.
[] The stairs feel alright, let's head down.

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