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While a mechanical explanation is fine and all, a simple logical one can completely defeat called shots even without it.

Combat and fights are normally already filled with people who are trying to win said combat and fights. So they are always trying for the most advantageous attacks.

Whenever you make an attack roll, it represents your character trying to win. Called shots only make sense if you assume that a person isn't already trying to do optimal attacks and taking eye shots and debilitating limb strikes as the opportunities exists.

This discussion has been had all the way since the 70s and it's depressing how many modern people haven't read about why RPG designers back then were so resistant to called shots.

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The situation was extremely dire and the players were in a pickle, they defeated the giant in the flying castle but the giant succeeded in his plans of taking down the magic that holds the place, and in doing so the castle came crashing down.

The players were rambling on what they can do but it all seemed desperate untill the wizard decided that he would do a trade off, he would over channel a spell that will make it act in a way it's not supposed to to protect himself and friends.

The tradeoff? the PC would lose his connection to magic. a Wizard will cease to be a Wizard, and he would lose his entire connection to the weave.

The dice rolled and he managed to save his friends, but went into comatose and was completely blind and as mentioned before is no longer a wizard. the problem this tradeoff was initiated by the player and he was pretty bummed out and i can see that he enjoys playing the character so i thought of them going on a quest to make him bring his connection to magic.

So far I reached two paths and maybe their not best which is why bringing them here;

1- They met exiled arch fey coven, the party's warlock (the wizard's lover may I add) contacted them and they offered to bring him back and restore his connection, of course arch fey being arch fey would ask for something in return of the sentimental value, they appreciate beauty above all as they draw their magic from it, I thought of making them do a small quest from them and then offering a sentimental offering (the sorcerer giving away her love for example)

2- the Wizard was always close to Mystra, the goddess of magic, him using her magic in that way would certainly draw her attention, a giant they met on their travels claimed that they were chosen by their deities, perhaps she would revive him only by asking the scroll of an ancient wizard or an artifact of a ancient magical empire

TL;DR the wizard lost his connection to magic but still wants to be a wizard, what do

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I hate that this thread is only tangentially /tg/, but I have a really similar question.

Why do THOSE really like tactical grids and 4e?
Whether Pokemon Journeys/Odyssey, or Lancer, or 4e, or 13th Age, it's always THOSE who are obsessed with it.

Is it because >>74641000 are extremely easy for adults to prey on, especially in schools, and turn them into THOSE for grooming?

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I would fucking kill for there to never be another primarch shitting up the setting

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>necrons get 14" rapid fire 1 weapons
>marines get long range meltas
what the fuck

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>GW prices slowly creeping up towards 50% increase
hahaha I'm fucking jumping the ship.
Guess I'm falling down to secondary tier.
You richfags keep this cancer going, I'm done.

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