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Up in the forest's canopy, leaves flutter to the ground as a trio of small light purple- ovals? pop out, silent in comparison to the first box's whirring. More 'music' fills your head, and there's something almost cheeky in their quick trills.

You barely have time to duck before their- there's no getting around it, their /screens/- glow with a hellishly white light and fire another barrage of polygons. The gray box's tether tightens around your ankle, ready to pull you again, but you're ready this time. Working on reflexes alone, your gauntlets morph into a classic dwarven axe even as you raise your hands, and you almost contemptuously bat the projectiles away, where they dissolve into nothingness.

In front of you, the gray box- there's a stylized "PS" on its 'head'- swivels on one corner to look at you, though you can't read the expression because it has no fucking face, what the hell.

Fine. Whatever. You snort, glaring up at the cheeky little phone-abominations. Sure, you know absolutely nothing about this place, and you... kind of feel like your tenuous grip on reality is about ready to give up the ghost. But if that's all these assholes got, then maybe- just maybe- this won't be a hard fight.

You got this, Urist.

But seriously, what the HELL.


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