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heres ur faggot (You)

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>Alignment system
>wholly subjective

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>it's ok when humans kill and enslave each other though
>this is why Imperium will always be third world

The amount of households living below the poverty line in the US alone is staggering, creating a class of people who are, effectively, slaves in the first world.

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"Isn't it the thief's fault?" -asks Ellie as they go to the clinic
"Trust me, this can end up as a huge problem. There was once a guy who sued the old lady who's house he was mugging because the roof was too dangerous and he got hurt falling through it."
"I'm not sure sure... but it's kind of a legend now."
"Well, what does the law say about pets defending their owners."
"I would have to check, but I think it's alright as long as there was deathly danger to the owner. Kind of like self defense."
"I thought it was alright to blow someone's head off inside your own house"
"Maybe in texas"

They arrive at the clinic, and meet with the doctors and staff. The victim/culprit is sefated and unconscious. The ambulance to transfer him to the hospital hasn't arrived yet.



Actually guys, anyone knows what the law would say in such a case?

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Because you can't punch, kick, tackle, or any other things with your body without an external weapon.

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That's bait.

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>Because you know, both of those countries are civilized countries that don't allow their citizens to have guns.

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A strange mix of both.

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>>>Ask about the tattooed gentleman
>I'll take the bait, who is he?

>>Ask for him to introduce us to his sister

"Oh, that's Duke Tapiwa, he's the man in charge of the southern province against the border. Must have taken a chance with the current cease of hostilities between us and Lapsiona to come show himself at the capital"
"Is it that bad? the war, I mean?"
"Less a war, and more like constant aggression. It's lasted so long, the miners don't even bother asking who's in charge anymore, and their towns near the mines are considered off limits to both armies"
"Why?" -asks Lyann
"Because replacing the miners its a long and expensive process. Now they live peacefully and we war nearby. Whoever wins gets the ore from the mines that year"
"Wait, that year? you fight every year?" -Lyann seems rather surprised.
"Yes, every year"
"I can't decide if thats barbaric or not"
"I would say it is" -suggests Okaba- "Do you want me to introduce you to the duke?"

>Yes, thankyou. We will have to count on him when we are past the frontier
>No, I was just curious about him since he didnt seem interested in your favour

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>pic related

Is it confirmed that Slaanesh is gone? That'd be a damn shame.

Since I started getting into the fluff of Warhammer I always thought myself solidly in the Nurgle camp. The ideas of overcoming and surviving everything that the universe can throw at me were right up my alley. The jokes about how its one big family and all Nurglites are bros with each other, visiting Papa at the Family Reunion made me smile too.

But I never really was in Nurgle's camp. That became painfully obvious when some former roommates left Chinese out for a month and I snapped.

The pursuit of perfection is a great goal. The quest for experience is something everyone should be on, at least for a little while. I mean, what's the point of life without really living it?

I'm going to be sad if Slaanesh truly is gone. Chaos needs something more diverse than the other three Gods. I know someone is going to be "hurr hurr Slaanesh is just about sex and drugs." Sex, drugs, and rock and roll are all things that can be pushed to the limits. Fairly easily too. But the pursuit of perfect is something more than that.

Its the baker that wants to bring joy to everyone who eats their bread. The musician that wants to change how people think with their music. When a sculptor pours their soul into a work of art that brings people to tears; are the viewers not changed by what the sculptor has done?

The drive to become the best one can be is Slaanesh. In any respect. In all respects.

I for one will raise a glass of my favorite drink to the Dark Prince.

Praise be to Slaanesh; without the drive for perfection we all would be sitting in our own filth even still.

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So you admit to being a troll.

Go back to summer camp, you preteen.

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Look. I am not going to sugar-coat this for you.

Nobody but you knew where that image came from. Nobody but you wanted to know where that image came from. It's a funny reaction image. You know it's backstory? Fine.


You're trying to stir salt and we're not having it. Get out.

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>baiting THIS hard

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>not a game

Have you ever read/played a Mad Libs book? Or one of the old Choose Your Own Adventure books from the 80's? Because those are games.

Single-player paper games, but they're games.

And this is pretty much the same thing.

It is also congruent to a character creation table - which is an integral part of pretty much every tabletop RPG.

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ITT: autism speaks in assburgers central. Jesus, I never knew people can be so autistic. No, wait, autists have better people skills than you do.

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Oh, look, ANOTHER one of THESE threads.

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>Be the bait.

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