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Cursed heroes/princes, like Beast in >>72598577 and >>72598644, kinda work in the opposite direction, for comparison's sake. They start strong, but they can fall off as a game goes on, either picked part by the enemy because they can't protect themselves, or collapsing under their own weight. Cursed heroes live and die by their supports, as without them, they can barely hold themselves up. In some cases, not only do they keep the hero going, but they can even provide alternate win conditions. Always have a plan B or C if you're going to run a cursed hero, because you need as many safety nets as you can get.

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>As it turns out, no I don't.
well I did
had a whole family of half-dragon, half-the goddamn devil unstoppable monstrosities

didn't need other units

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I'm gonna make a wizard specialized in Illusion. Am i gonna regret it? I wanted to give some light to the "middle brother" of schools, but i'm not even sure if there are any talents for it (like a summoner would get), or if any metamagic could help (other than Persistent Spell).

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This is a paladin of Shelyn, he's going to save the world, one hot dicking at a time

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>Randon Gelfonte.

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Thanks for the responses!

Hmm, I see what you're getting at. Maybe if the spirit could be switched throughout the day? Then at level 5/10/15/20 you could lower the time to switch between spirits?

Cool beans, will do. In that case the archmage will need to provide a different benefit. Maybe an increase in the spell DC's that goes up with the spirit bonus?

The spiritualist is very cool and I like the class. However, I picked the Medium because the PC's are all working to stop outsiders from interfering with the Material Plane, promoting balance within themselves and the world. The CE Medium BBEG will be the opposite of this idea, completely letting the spirits rule him and embracing the madness this brings.

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That's way I'm throwing the idea out that we went rogue for love or as a way to make our own mark on the world. It will allow for a long line of nobility, but give reason why we would leave it behind or not have all the back up behind it.

Then there's just our dad was a dick and kick us out. We will show him what power we have and come back badass.

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You can also try running in a setting that has comprehendable powerlevels. If you are fighting in a setting like most anime where one guy with a smallsword and the frame of a 18yr old male could be the strongest character in the setting or a side character of negligible strength than you are never going to be able to convey an enemies power to the party without some kind of lame, shoehorned demonstration.

If you ground the setting with understandable sources of power than players will simply see an enemy who has way more resources than they do and know from observation and deduction that they can't win. You can even do this with high-fantasy if you fluff the magic out enough and pay at least a little respect to realistic physique.

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When your characters roll into a city or town do they usually go in still dressed as if they were marching off the war or do they change their attire before rejoining proper civilization?

With that said, do you have your towns pople or city react to a bunch a people brandishing weapons and armor that you wouldn't wear for a night at the pub?

In anycase how do you usually handle such situations?

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In totality I believe the problem is that. Regardless of how uber manly the "fighter archetypes" are, they are, by some degree, magical.

This rankles some people because (stupidly in my opinion) in their minds, if you're not a beard wearing geezer wearing a dress and speaking jibberish you can't and shouldn't do anything that resembles magic of any sorts or even be a magical being at all.

I think once we can overcome this trite notion that only magic users can be magical and strong fighter dude can't in any sort of way can we overcome this fighter vs. wizard dilema.

Frankly, I don't care why my fighter can take his sword and block the sword of a guy 4 times bigger then him, I just want to be able to do it and still suplex his ass off a mountain and stand over the broke corpse afterwards.

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Now I have a good idea. I can't promise anything, I'm running out of folders, but I'll keep looking.

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I need Warlords, Kings, Queens, Lords, and Ladies of martial (and charismatic) might, folks. Dumpan.

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There was a duke nearby who was the highest relevant power in the region, we and our land had butted heads with him a few times but things always resolved peacefully and reasonably, and while we didn't really like him it was clear he was more interested in stability than personal power. There were more viscous powers in the area that needed to be united against to be able to protect the greater kingdom. When the duke died, his only inheritor was his daughter of 17, and our count received a message claiming to be written by the duke in the event of his death stating that he always held our count in high regard and that he requests that the count tutor and protect his daughter in the chaos that would arise should he die before she was of proper age and experience. A grand event was arranged in which the duchess would travel to our castle to meet with the count.

The GM has never really pulled punches, but he also avoided grinding us into the dirt when we knew we had screwed up. When the duke's brother betrayed his niece and our count by attacking and killing them both at the event, most of the named npcs escaped the razing of our home that followed. We learned that the rally we heard that the count had already escaped and that we must fight our way out to the country side to rejoin him had been a lie he ordered to insure that as many of his people would evacuate as possible rather than die trying to rescue him. We also learned our princess had been captured.


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Much appreciated.
I have...uhhh...A badass in cool armor.

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