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>Threads always comes down to two autists arguing about fucking boats.

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Alright lads, I've got a few newbie questions I need answered since I'm scouring the PHB for an understanding, and I just don't bloody get it. I know these might be "obvious" questions, but I've already looked over the books and just need them answered to get things out of the way.

>How often does a character receive feats?
>How do skill increases work? I know you "select" skills at CharGen, but how do they increase?
>How do I increase my damage output? As far as I can tell, there is no Power Attack

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Where and when?
Fight me
I hate this
I don't believe you
Don't tell me that

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>mfw you gotta wait until level 9 before you can expect to get a railgun

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>mfw sometimes I dream of playing a mute character, or one incapable of realistically communicating with the party, because I'm good at writing everything but dialogue

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See, this is one of the reasons I love Mythic, because it means you can get away with writing awesome backstories like this.

But nooooo, we can't have that around here can we? The big mean Archmage will trash your campaign and fuck your sister! We can't have that.

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Please respond.

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>Alright, /pfg/, what's that concept you just can't seem to find any character art for?
I want artwork of a wolf-man wearing heavy armor.

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>How is Pawn Stars history

That show ruffles my feathers.

But not as much as Ancient Aliens holy shit their Moon Special enraged me as they discussed how the Moon is *probably* a hollow alien installation put around Earth while Humanity was civilized.

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Oh look, I guess the ban is over.

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Fight me newfag. Tahu was the OG.

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>mfw Artisan is no bueno
>mfw I can't be Leonardo Di Vinci and create a clockwork civilization

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And here I was having a good afternoon until THIS ASSHOLE showed up.

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W-Well what's her Intelligence? Huh?

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>I'm kind of jealous, because that means you can play offline and online.

And I'm jealous of you, because /pfg/ games are text by default as are most ERPs.

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>When the kazak sectorial drops they wont get a T-[Insert Random number here] model powered armor for a soldier to wear... or dare I say it tank or TAG

Fucking kill me.

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Delete this.

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>Those lugs near the spearhead

Do you remember what happened to Robert Baratheon?

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>Level 4, if you can do 2/3 of the HP instead, don't worry.
I can, at average, do 29 damage, with a demoralize attempt attached to it (Cornungon Smash), max would be 39 on the dot.
>Keep in mind however DPR is not "average on that damage roll", it's average with accuracy AND CRITS taken into consideration. Like, if you have a 95% chance to hit, that lowers the number a bit, but if you have also a 95% chance of 10% of those hits actually doing double damage, that also factors in.
Well, my To Hit is current 9, with a MC weapon that will have to remain MC for quite a while, I think, so I can tag the AC median, also can drop a +2-4 to the attack roll depending on circumstances, so that's cool, right?
>The true goal is basically highly-reliable 2-rounding of equal CR on average
Uh, I can do that!
>I think I can do it
>gotta roll decent
But I'm the party tank, and I actually don't know what the rest of the group can pull off, outside of the monk's Dragon Kicking and the... swordsage, I think, he... does stuff?

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Okay, so since we're getting close to autosage I'm calling it now. I'm making a new thread at page 8. If someone makes a thread before then (particularly if it's obvious bait/kitsune lewdfaggotry) just ignore it.

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Stop tearing my compliment apart, you silly goober.

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>China will never feature in team yankee
>France won't show up for a long ass time
>Poland not even on the horizon
>No superior Czechnology released yet
>No Nork and Sork models

Fucking kill me.

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>We finally get the Glory to Taldor campaign we've been yearning for
>It's overtly lewd n' one-sided n' stuff

I'm kinda disappointed.

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