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Werewolves run rampant

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It's a +10 to your damage whenever you use another talent that is used on active checks, or on physical attack actions. That is to say, when you use Yang Style which gives +1 to Accuracy, you simultaneously gain +10 damage for that one attack. That also stacks with other things that you use [On Active Check] like it says.
It's honestly one of the most OP talents in the game for that reason, since Secrets of the Destroyer is +6/8 damage on average for 2 4's, whilst Mysteries of Battle + a different talent or two that gives you +1 To Hit also increases your damage by +10 or 20.

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The greatest

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>long introduction to setting/campaign via NPC who asks why they are here
>"I tell him why I'm here."
>get into new area and make any sort of skill roll with a nat 20
>"lol does the merchant give me his store now/Does the king let me fuck the queen/Am I able to climb the wall so fast that I can walk on the ceiling/other idiotic shit"
>gets to any part of a dungeon with actual difficulty
>"How were we supposed to know the cave with lit torches was inhabited/that we might need potions and be prepared/have a plan of attack before you ran into a room filled with enemies?!"
>Try to allow players to have some creativity in creation and allow homebrew shit as long as we talk about it before we start
>"Hey man I couldn't get on any time for at least 10 minutes because I'm a selfish cunt, so I just made this mahou shoujo loli vampire character. Hope its okay XDDDDDD"

Fuck players. Every, single, one of you.

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>but whenever I'm a player

Must be nice.

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>for the white, i'd recommend shading it with either beige or blue

Oh boy, that sounds like the perfect recipe for a disaster

And well, I got the Stormcast Eternal paint bundle so I'm pretty sure I don't have any purple paint. Closest I got is Screamer Pink. I'll go to Tokyo on the 22nd and get some random colors at the GW store so I can properly experiment, but I'm really not sure which colors are must have, or based on what should I choose what to get.

GW store in my city FUCKING WHEN

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I just want to use a Grindblade for the whole campaign, because I love a weapon with an edge so abrasive it's shearing your atoms away.

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She could have flown along the road and torched all the Lannister soldiers in one go.

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>"Eh, I dunno, I'll come up with the backstory as the game goes"
>"How do you think my character would react to this? Ideas?"
>"I don't feel like playing this character, he doesn't seem to have nothing going for him in hindsight. Does anybody have like a table I can roll on for a background? No, not the one in the core rulebook, I tried that and didn't like it".

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>the thread is now literally talking about two separate RPGs

Why didn't you stop it? Why did we have to remerge back into /pgg/?

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>Why isn't anyone taking my game seriously?
I don't know why do you run around in a customs and keep shouting made up nicknames and gibberish?

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The Byzantine Empire!

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>You will never play a campaign dealing with worst parts of the worst planes uniting to achieve their goals
>tfw no Titans and Daemons teaming up to scour the Material while Qlippoth realize NOW'S OUR CHANCE DEMONS GET OUT REEEEE REEEEE

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Will you be ready for normie season, /tg/?

Today, after the Game of Thrones S7 premiere, every normie who's watched both Game of Thrones and Critical Role will want to run/play a "political intrigue game inspired by Game of Thrones!" in D&D 5e.

And it's going to be "just like Critical Role," down to the wacky hijinks on natural 1s and 20s.

You've seen these before, haven't you? How will you brace for them?

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>Player: Hey guys, I've got something coming up this week. I can't play with you guys, so run without me, kay?

>after the session

>GM: BTW your character got killed while you were away.

In what universe is this okay?

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But I'm making a male character without a hint of lewd!

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>Fuck no. Ew.
Angel, that's racist.

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>Implying frigid puritan is a problem

She knows her duty, and that entails strong sons and lovely daughters. Even a puritan would recognize that.

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Discord cabal(s) is NOT worst girl. No bully. Just because there are half a dozen Discord-chans doesn't make them bad!

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Major drawbacks are super-duper-3pp.

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>Dimension Door at level 1

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