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He cute

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Skaven literally lost all of their named characters except Thanquol, at least you still got Archcuck and Belabore

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As single models for Underworlds.

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how do i make strong 3.5 characters

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dont know but skaven are cute

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Rats can be very clean pets. I don't think they're the hygiene problem in and of themselves here.

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Jumping on this conversation to ask what exactly to buy for morats. Do I get the starter aggression force and fill it with a Dr worm box a hungries box and some other specialists.
Or do I go a different route and go with a yoagat box, oznat blister with hungries and daitazuri as a base. Honestly don't know what to buy for an effective 300pt list

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L5R's Nezumi were always pretty cool. They're basically postapocalyptic survivor bands; think people in the Terminator future, only with oni instead of robots. It's an intriguing jump from the human samurai of the setting. Pic unrelated

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>Tfw you already are

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Look at this skaven

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Your party is offered a quest by Ratto to acquire him some more Cheeto Puffs. Do you accept?

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Thank you for feedback friends, I will thin my paints

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Holy fuck you guys will use any excuse to bring up pol

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seems like there'd be plenty of healthy choices to make
>reclaim the souls through a divine crusade
>kill 100 evil people with your own two hands
>whip out a banjo and challenge the devil

to hell with the "you have to do an evil thing huehue i am so clever" DM railroading bullshit

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Life is a fleeting experience, best things in life are short and temporary.

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I agree with op, skaven are indeed cute

look at this guy

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Not chaos enough for my tastes for sigmar. They may be useful in my D&D campaign.

>look up KoW
>need a set of minis for late game eldritch horror faction I'm planning
>see vanguard nightstalkers

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