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>I'd love to hear your ideas that would fit with this base premise, /sfg/.

Campaign starts with the players either performing a dry run of the Starstone heist, or on an unrelated mission deep in the Vast.

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>A year will get you to level 15 or so.

>mfw RotJR has been going on for half a year and is still level 3, just about to hit level 4
>mfw PLD has been going on for 3 months and is still level 3
>mfw WotR has been going on 3 months and barely hit level 4

Why the fuck would I want that, then? If I want to get comfy, I'd exit out of the Roll20 tab and watch some Let's Play Deadly Premonition or, shit, turn on the TV.

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>and there's nothing wrong with recycling characters

Next you're going to say there's nothing wrong with making characters inspired by characters from other media

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>Girls playing Nids
>Black boy playing Salamanders

The degree of self-awareness in this picture is disturbing.

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You know, the way we talk about huge-ass titties all the time makes me really wonder if you guys have ever played a very chesty woman without her being raw fetish fuel or in an ERP.

Turns out getting you guys to discuss your sexy characters is better than designing them myself!

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>mfw there's a town called Courtaud in Ustalav
>mfw it's terrorized by an advanced winter wolf called the "Devil in Gray."

Paizo, I get it. You're making a Beast of Gevaudan and Wolves of Paris reference all in one. Very clever, you even named the town after the wolf-pack leader. Bravo.

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>felt like drawing ass
>read that as /ss/

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DM said they didn't intend for this to be a TPK. It just happened. I have no idea how. The few rounds I wasn't stunlocked the dragon was so fucking far away that I couldn't get into melee and it was being stunned next round all over again.

The DM was talking about ending the game about half a year ago and trying a new system with us... So maybe it's possibly related.

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This is anonymous so i'm gonna say i'm the legit autist in my D&D groups. I tend to be quiet - though when I play social characters and thrust myself out to the front. Not always easy to do. Usually more of a follower than a leader due to that, but I tend to be the person who actually does IC actions and describes what my character is doing, whereas just one other in the group does that.

I never try to make 'myself' though, and lately i've been playing aggressive characters. It's fun.

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this. because it usually devolves into strawmanning someone/thing I (the GM) don't like.
this as well, because lord knows the people who do this are fucking subtle about it.

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>I want 15 PB
>I don't want any stats below 8
>I'm doing this because I want to force the party into working together

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>Golarion fast-forward 300 years into the future
>Guns have become commonplace; line infantry have replaced the swordsman, cuirassiers have replaced the knight
>System is a mix of advanced firearm rules, 'standard' firearm rules and the rules previously given in this thread

How would you build a character to survive in this new era, assuming Path of War was allowed?

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I am almost certain that he said "we'll" not to imply that he's speaking for multiple people, but rather as a willful misspelling of "well", in the same vein as your/you're.

There's at least three, then.

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>Apparently She had 39 gold pieces shoved up her ass. I don't know how to react to this.

Why did he feel the need to add that.

Was this ERP? What kind of character did you create? Did you have ANY idea this was something he'd pull off?

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Wait a fucking second.

I just read Erastil's write-up in the Kingmaker page and that was absolutely the wrong kind of misogynist.

I then read the stuff in Inner Sea Gods and that's some damn good stuff that keeps him delightfully old-fashioned but not explicitly racist or misogynist.

Did... Did we just have a massive argument with Paizo over *fucking nothing?* Because it's starting to dawn on me that maybe Paizo thought we were arguing about Kingmaker Erastil, and we were arguing about Inner Sea Gods Erastil.

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>Thread about slavery turns into talk about Nazis turns into plea for historical relativism concerning the terrorist John Brown.

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>The Dark Tapestry and the Gods that dwell within are so mighty they corrupted a God!
>Gods of the Dark Tapestry are not only statted out, but they're reasonably easy to kill


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>But what about murder? Can the god kill them if the god thinks they don't show it enough respect? Could the god hurt them if it doesn't like how they are dressed or the clothes they wear?

>Everything makes more sense when you imagine Iomedae as Ultron with tits.

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>All this booty-bothered shit-flinging over petty semantics.

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It's so formulaic I feel like a little hot potato just thinking about it.

Monstergirls are always brought up, followed by someone posting what are very blatantly furries - oh sure, they claim they're "big scary dragons", but I've never seen a proper dragon with big lips, lipstick, and generically sexualized features. The threads always devolve into people posting their furry folders while screaming at people who suggest the entire thing is annoyingly gauche, claiming anyone who doesn't like their rendition of Titty Monster Dragon #23 is "a no fun prude" or "boring and dull."

It's not daring! It's not interesting! You're being a boring, dull annoying piece of doo-doo by posting a picture we've seen a bazillion times before while talking about snu-snu or spelunking or another of the myriad of sexual fetishes that feel less like fetishes and more like obligations.

You're becoming like those house-wives that get all hot and bothered while reading their trashy romance novels, /tg/.

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Holy Shit that's awesomely bad
especially the last line
>(he is very edgy , of few words, and wears a black mask on the right side covering up the eye)

if you even admit that your character is Edgy, you have problems.

is their a story related to this, like his stupid shenanigans with Lios.

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>Hottest Goddess

>Best Waifu
Greta (Reign of Winter Book 2)

>Best AP
Reign of Winter (Iron Gods pending rest of books.)

>Worst AP
Wrath of the Righteous

>Best martial class

>No really, best martial class

>Worst class
Synthesist Summoner

>Best Country
Land of the Linnorm Kings

>Worst Country

This is all objective truth.

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What if I make the Paladin equivalent of The Hound.

A foul-mouthed, foul-tempered scarred man with a shitty past traveling the countryside, righting wrongs and fighting evil but making *very* sure the villagers only give a begrudging "thank you" before he moves on.

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