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If you're talking about Macross, then you will get no apologies from me, and will fully expect context behind the situation.

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>Because cutting off content like that is a bullshit, Red-tier move.
It has come to my attention that I may actually be lacking in actions and decisions that are, as you say, cutting off content. For if it is supposed to be a me-tier move, then generally I should be doing more to encourage that line of thinking.

I don't want to disappoint you, anon. That's the last thing I want to do. Should I then go and make Black Crusade an end-jump? Or would a different action to maintain my reputation be preferable? It's got quite a bit of content though, and I need to do my job so that way you're not incorrect. Would that be sufficient to make you happy?

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That's the spirit. Dream of silk.

A good way to determine if a namefag is being remembered is if:

-Someone is talking about a jump
-Someone is salting about a jump
There's also shitposting but honestly that's a whatever thing.

Besides, some namefags aren't as active in thread. Some simply turn their name off while not talking about what they directly made. It comes and goes.

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I'll favor two forms, really:

-One is my 'in public' form. 5'11", red hair to the shoulders. Human, but purple eyes to give SOME kind of hint away. STYLISH. AS. FUCK.
-The other is when I just want to say 'fuck it', or if I can ever get away with it more often. Anywhere from 8ft to 300+ft, black sclera with slitted eyes. Sharkey teeth (because TEEEEEEF), four horns, hair's down to the waist. Sharpened fingernails, long elf ears, just going for it.

There are some things that still stick around for both forms. Like /fit/ looks, shapely, pale skin. I'm actually really kind of boring when it comes to my favored forms.

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I did plenty of writefagging for the DLCs. Have what I've got.

http://pastebin.com/gzBScAx8 <--Heathen Trail
http://pastebin.com/djB9mAVP <--Ork Races
http://pastebin.com/FQC1WTkU <--Grand Day Out

Muyo and I are working on it.


(Sins of a Solar Empire)
-Background: The Advent (Free) -FOR UNITY.
-Faction: Rebels (Free) -But mostly not being a dick.
-Titan: Eradica Titan (Free) -Oh holy fucking shit WHAT.
-Telekinetic Extraction (900CP) -More ore!
-Selective Harvesting (800CP) -GIMME. I love me the ore.
-Divination (700CP) -YOINK.
-Inspired Reactor Design (600CP) (Discount) -Additional power is good.
-Elegant Hull Design (500CP) (Discount) -Stronger! Yesss, stronger.
-Raised Shield Harmonics (400CP) (Discount) -TANK. EVERYTHING.
-Rapid Plasma Generation (200CP) -DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA.
-Precision Beam Focus (0CP) -Shoot you from SO far away.
-Beam Defense Platform (800CP) -Fuck all of you.
-Anima Platform (500CP) -NO ONE is getting close.
-Temple of Renewal (200CP) -This is now a battle of attrition.
-Pillar of Unity (Free) -We come in peace.
-Transcencia Star Base (-600CP) -WITNESS OUR RESPLENDENCE.
-Upgrade: Merchant Docks (No. 1) -All are welcome.
-Upgrade: Mass Disorientation (No. 2) -But we are far from defenseless.
-Upgrade: Drone Capacityx2 (No. 3-4) -And we are far from alone.
-Upgrade: Enhanced Preservationx3 (No. 5-7) -We are the rocks upon which you will crash.
-Upgrade: Heavy Laser Batteries (No. 8) -And you will burn upon breaking.
-Vespa Corvette (Free) -Zippity zoom!
-Seeker Vessel (Free) -Scout and sabotage.
-Disciple Vessel (Free) -Dodge and deal.
-Aeria Drone Host (-700CP) -SWARM THEM WITH DRONES.
-Domina Subjugator (-800CP) -Leave them unable to fight back.
-Radiance Battleship (Free) -Which works for tearing apart the enemy fleets.
-Discord Battleship (Free) -When I said 'tear', I meant TEAR.
-Lost Titan (0CP)
Dice Rolls: -
End Choice: Next Adventure

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Hey, it's only the truth. I do like watching storms of all kinds, and if I just did everything for them then they don't become as well-off as they are.

Though if the Gravity Falls maker is around, if I have a default height of 152'6"... what does the MANLY perk with three purchases of Height get me overall?

Awwwwww yiss. Though 'Trees of Silver and Gold' as something cut off on it. And not sure what specializations Witchcraft has.

-Background: Outlander (Free) -FUN TIMES OVERALL.
-Race: Human (Free) -Nothing wrong with the basics.
-Choice Apothegms and Useful Maxims (Free) -Oh this is neat! I love giving off quips like this!
-Favor of Tashlan (800CP) (Discount) -Rather than make everyone argue, why not get along?
-Witchcraft (500CP) (Discount) -MAGICKS. Oh I love me some magic.
-The Preservation of Man (Free) -This... is admittedly scary.
-Lods Emonex2 (Free) -DOSH, grab it while you can lads!
-Trees of Silver and Gold (-100CP) -AND THE THINGS I WILL DO WITH YOU.
-Arranged Marriage (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Beaversdam, 22 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Aside from running away from the marriage folk, I think I'm just gonna hang out with Aslan. Talk with him, chat a bunch, try to see how he sees things. Entities like him are a rarity to me, and I'm always up for seeing their perspective.

Will there be arguments? At times. Debates? Plenty. But in the end, I'd hope that I could at least leave the place as a friend.

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You are all now imagining OAA using the Lambda Driver to not only weaponize the Will of the Planet in a VERY literal way, but also to translate the Collective Unconscious as fuel.

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Well, it basically utilizes the following:

Mantra is prayer energy/soul related stuff, right? You just need to pick up some Dresden Files magic and then use CCS's Conjoined Conjures to mix it with Negima magic. Then purchase Kanka (purchase, not fanwank to learn) and Mantra can be pumped into your magic.

For psionics, we actually have TWO methods now. One method is going to Kara no Kyoukai, picking up 'Unity' and 'Convert' as dual origin words, then attempting to make a conversion spell. From there, stuff it in your Family Crest to make it instant. Conjoin the prior magic thing with that, and it can pump Mantra/Mana into psychic energy.

The OTHER option is to instead pick up Wizard/Erudite from Forgotten Realms, study the hell out of them since they're both 'caster' classes and find what makes the Erudite (a psionic caster) and the Wizard different, and Conjoin them with the Dresden/Negima combo beforehand to do that instead.

It's pretty bugfuck and I admit both options are a bit fanwanky, but fuck it, let's cause this to explode and see what happens to Gold.

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Updated build!

-Background: Pattern Red (Specialist) (900CP) -FINE. IT'S TIME TO BE THE DOCTOR!
-Cool Headed (Free) -This is nice! I'll do well with this.
-Fastest Fingers (800CP) (Discount) -My DPP is on code. This makes zero errors. ...oh fuck.
-Metaphysical Biology, PhD (600CP) (Discount) -This... oh dear. We're getting scary here.
-Superscale Skills (300CP) (Discount) -Hey! Guess who's awesome at building shit! THIS GIRL.
-Fanservice! (200CP) -Oh like I wasn't gonna pick this up.
-Outright Audacious (-200CP) -Oh holy shit. I like this. Increased chances of success? Resources knowledge? YES.
-Dark Utility (-300CP) -Focus on not what it was MEANT to do, but what it CAN do.
-Infinite Supply of Tang (Free) -OH FUCKING DAMN IT.
-Imported Preferences (Free) -Ah. Ahahahaha. This will be some nice utility.
-Lab Coat and Coveralls (Free) -Eh, why not.
-Priority Access Adapter (-400CP) -Oh my sweet word. This. I'm gonna have PLANS for this.
-Neurosis (-300CP) (Too vain for people)
-A Dark Pantheon (0CP)
-Track 27 (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 2006AD, Kyoto-2, 27 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

Right! So I'm sitting there working with NERV and other shit, trying to stay out of the way and enjoy studying the fuck out of everything. Then Angels show up and I start studying more. Then when SEELE shows up I make my move. VAPORIZE THE SHIT out of Gendo... MAYBE save the hand and toss it in the warehouse. I don't know, it seems like a super bad idea. I'm on the fence, but he's gotta die. Next, keep ganking the mass-production Evas. Delicious samples (and pray that NERV doesn't hate me too much).

Honestly it's nine years of prep time and one year of EVERYTHING GOING TO FUCK.

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>tentacle model
Tentacles. Oh jeez.


-Background: Lady (900CP) -We're awesome now.
-World of Badass (850CP) -And now I am all the awesome.
-Gun-Show (750CP) -Sometimes a little boasting can at least get some situations avoided.
-Book Smarts (650CP) -Keeping a reminder of all my talents will help me out!
-Two-Hands (550CP) -I am just that AMAZING. ME.
-Counting Time (Free) -TICK TOCK, MOTHERFUCKER.
-Hardboiled Operator (100CP) (Discount) -Gentlemen, this plan will go flawlessly. Here's why.
-Dasvidaniya (-200CP) (Discount) -I think it's time to pull out my Code Geass costume again.
-Serious Style (Free) -You see this suit? I means I am serious fucking business.
-Preferred Weapon (-250CP) (Discount) -It's a very snazzy set of pistols. I like two-fisting.
-Office (-400CP) (Discount) -Gentlemen, my EMPIRE. It may look like an office building, but it is a NEXUS.
-Hit-Listed (-300CP)
-Most Wanted (0CP)
Dice Rolls: Back Room at the Yellow Flag, 22 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

I just strut in one day and take over EVERYTHING. Badass redhead in a fancy suit, perfectly capable of wrecking the rabble herself. BITCH YOU THINK YOU SCARE ME? I'VE STARED INTO THE WARP.

And then I just try to be the most cheerful amazon while organizing crime.

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I cannot confirm or deny this.

Hrm. The moment which defined my Jumper?

I think it would be when Infamous came about, actually. My 3rd jump.

Beforehand it's a world of pokemon. Spending ten years in the original, another ten years in PMD, then Returning to Pokemon again to collect stuff, and by now I've got a GLORIOUSLY hot bod due to Body Mod supplement. Flaws removed, enhanced figure, lot of issues wiped away, and with Conduit powers enhancing me... by then it's hammered that it's real. That yes, I'm throwing around powers. That I can look amazing, that it's going to be a glorious adventure.

I'll likely end up trying to be careful, yes... but at the same time, with that increased strength and durability? It's by then that I'll explore more. Try more. Just lose a lot of my insecurities and DO things. By then it'd get the ball rolling, and I'd be willing to do everything I could to make the best of things. It's a glorious chance to hammer out the unlikeable traits and replace them with something else. By then, my benefactor would get to see what happens when someone who wanted to explore and try and perform so much got the tools to do so.

...and then probably facepalm when I made the Bow. Along with Minecraft. Archangel's Smite ring melded into the bow for maximum 'fun'.

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