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Dawn of War III has a host of problems which gave me a "What were they thinking?" vibe.
>Fewer factions than the previous two games at launch.
>Fewer maps than the previous two games at launch.
>Less unit variety than the previous two games.
>Didn't have the "Annihilation Classic" mode which had to be introduced months after release.
>More emphasis on micromanaging units and special abilities than previous games, making people like >>56648827 rightfully compare it to Starcraft
>Scale of the game is much smaller and really revolves around your elite units (which feel even more powerful)
>Speaking of scale, maps are smaller than they were in previous games (DoW I for sure, maybe not for some of the second game's maps)
>No sync kills, the cool as fuck kill animations which the other games are well known for
>Literal glowing bubbles which provide a cover bonus, not infantry taking cover behind rubble or debris like in the second game.
>The voice acting doesn't feel as good as the previous games, maybe that's because I didn't play it nearly as much though.
>Campaign is a glorified, boring tutorial.
>Art style is more cartoony than previous games, though that would be overlooked if the game was enjoyable

I'm sure that list is missing plenty of stuff, but you get the idea. It just looks rushed and doesn't feel like there was as much love put into the game as the previous ones. Dawn of War 1 was a fun, comfy RTS and this sequel doesn't fit the bill.

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>new woman working at LGS


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> tfw everyone is a bunch of wailing children over the fact that Nids finally have a good codex after however many years
Guardfag Forgeworld playing double fag here, I'm happy for you, bug boys.
May you feast well this edition.

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What? Are those death Korps at ease and the retinue just an update to their molds? Like better quality? Is that why theyre so expensive???

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Great work.

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He's good.

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>this thread

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