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Khorne can use a nasty aoe mortal wound splash that wrecks stuff behind screens. Also there's some sneaky shit in the bloodtithe table that'll help. Good luck solving the challenge, anon.

Also try to only charge a screen when you might get a double turn. Or fly

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This is how I cleric.

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Last Time on Song of Swords:
Girls in Slutty Armor
Girls in Realistic Armor
Girls who are Zells being slutty
Girls who aren't Zells being slutty
Big Boss who isn't a Zell but was wearing realistic slutty armor was being slutty.

Previous Thread: https://archive.moe/tg/thread/42102267/#42102267

Song of Swords is a tabletop RPG about realistic swordplay, historical arms and armor, forbidden love, a bunch of weird elves, and glorious Slavs.

Here's a .rar archive with the newest version of the rules as well as all related current working documents:

Here's a wiki detailing the game's fantasy setting, getting filled up bit by bit as Jimmy reveals more details. Its worth a look before asking for lore questions in the thread: http://tattered-realms.wikia.com/wiki/Tattered_Realms_Wiki

There's also a roll20 room where new players are encouraged to try the rules, test new rules, and find game breaking issues: https://app.roll20.net/join/346755/hRKd4w

Roll20 Note: The Room might be empty, but the people who teach the game still browse the thread frequently. If you're looking to learn and can't catch us in the Roll20 leave a request and we'll get to you as soon as possible.

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>People are losing their fucking minds over a starterbox that has limited rules for beginner level play.
>People conveniently forget that Dark Vengeance also said the exact same shit in it's starter rulebook.
>Aspies compare the swole golden manlets to SPESS MEHREENS
>Anyone defending the game is called a shill
>mfw I just want something new to play
>mfw the Reign of Khorne still goes on
>mfw I just wanted some Tzeentch minis for once.

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I'm using my hatred to fend of depression. I'm having mixed results.

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this is how I barbarian. Yes, you can do this in D&D

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Like this?

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I'm saving money for a new computer. Fuck you and your awesome looking game, /tg/.

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protip: don't ask 4chan, especially not about stuff. you heard me.
not nearly as much as warmahordesfags hate 40k though...

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