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> Why the hell should I just give supertech to the current rulers of Avatar humanity?
So kill them you fucking edgelord. All of them. Replace them with your own puppet government, or just fucking take control of the Earth wholesale. You've clearly got the power, if you're doing this bullshit. Don't just sit there and leave these "sociopaths" in charge while twiddling your thumbs and telling them "boy howdy! aren't I so nice to be your overlord? do whatever i say or you'll be sorry!"

You are the worst kind of anime villain.

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Nth for game balancing.

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That's hot, source?

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Yeah, I've played a few times. Played with /tg/ once on that pbem client, but everyone fagged out and conceded once I took a territory lead, even though I was massively overstretched and two countries cooperating could have blown it all up easily.

I don't play it irl anymore. I have a paranoid, neurotic personality in everyday life, so the thought of being betrayed makes me feel like I'm getting an ulcer. Also, I pretty much always betray whatever coalition I start the game with to preempt their certain betrayal (which I find out after the game wasn't going to happen), and I think most of my friends have wised up to that.

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About to work on Princess: The Hopeful Jump

What do you guys want? I can't promise everything you guys ask for but I will give thought to every suggestion.

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needs a name

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