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>when you realize that tranhumanism will be primarlily driven the desire to wet one's dick

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>anime and little girls
Because girls sell.

>obnoxious invincible mary sues
Because they do cheap adaptations of amateur writing.

>terrible writing in general
Adaptations of amateur writing.

Have an anime that has none of the three. Except for the second one with Reinhard and Yang

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The first rule of NPCs.

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I got back into magic after a while and bought the Breya deck, like apparently everyone else.

Then i upgraded it into this http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/23-03-17-nmM-breya/

Tell me what you think about this unoriginal deck that everyone has.

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>All of these fucking millennials who don't know Legend of the Galactic Heroes.
Its pretty popular on /a/ desu.

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