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I'm bored and got a summoning rework idea, anybody equally bored to give me some feedback?
>you still need to pay reinforcement points for summoning, but if a summoned unit is destroyed or de-summoned you get them back and can spend them on a new summon
>pick a character or characters during the command phase, they can each attempt to summon daemons
>when summoning pick between 1 and 6 dice, then roll: 6s are successes, 2-5 are failures and natural 1s deal a MW to the summoner
>certain factors will modify the roll, and you get a +1 to your summoning roll for each of the following: the summoner is a dark apostle or master of possessions, the summoner is from the word bearers legion, the summoner has a mark, etc - you divide the roll modifiers among the rolls yourself, you can spread them out or use them on one dice after the roll is made
>each unit requires a certain number of successes: 10 basic daemons require 1 success, 20 basic daemons or a better variant requires 2 successes and so on, with some balance tweaking to work out the cost for more powerful variants
>you decide what you want to summon after you roll the dice, but summoners with marks can only summon daemons of that god
>1 CP stratagem grants you a free success in addition to any rolled, another 1 CP stratagem removes a unit you summoned prematurely

So for example a Chaos Lord from the Word Bearer legion decides to take three dice in the summoning phase, rolling a five, six and one. He takes one MW for the roll of one, and then uses the fact he belongs to the WB legion to modify the five getting him two sixes and summoning 20 bloodletters.

Would this make summoning worth it without breaking it?

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Any hopes and wishlists for your codex in the new edition?

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So the new guideline for most armies seems to be:
>big army rule
>small army rule
>subfaction rule
We can see that with armies like the Guard or Marines. Any prediction what your army will get?

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>AL should get Chosen as troops
>WB should get Possessed as troops
>IW should get Havocs as troops
>BL should get Terminators as troops
>CSM should get both bolters and chainswords by default
>legion tactics for vehicles

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