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"U-Um, please don't," Compa cuts in, slightly timidly. "The doctors did say she needed uninterrupted rest. And they're still checking her over, just in case."

Oh. Well, okay, then. With a shrug and a backward glance at the door- Nepgear'll be fine here, surrounded by her new(?) followers- you start walking down the hall.

A few moments later, you pause and look over your shoulder. Compa looks back innocently, six steps behind you.

"Don't mind me," she says brightly. "I'm here to tail you!"

... nngh.

[ ] [TRY TO LOSE HER] Okay, no, you're not putting up with this. Show her the top speed of a dwarf.
[ ] [TRY TO CONVINCE HER] Look, you're not suspicious or anything, alright? You're one of Neptune's party members. You don't need a tail!
[ ] [GIVE IN, LET HER TAIL YOU] Under the circumstances, you can't blame Compa. Ignore her and go explore the city around the Planeptune Basilicom.
[ ] [CHAT HER UP] ... fine. If you can't ditch Compa, then you'll damn well talk to her and get more information about stuff.
[ ] [NEPGEAR] Do everything you can to check up on your surrogate little sister. No one stands between a dwarf and her goal (other than herself, glitches, monsters, etc).
[ ] [WRITE-IN]

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