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Gunaxe is where it's at.

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huh, I expected AR version of pic related

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It can make ranged attack.

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Because they use shity guns from hundreds of years ago not modern guns which still do fuck up sometimes.

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>Squall Leonhart as a dwarf instead of an elf

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I mean, it's a sensible design in the fact that an axe is a very sturdy weapon that deals a lot of damage, but the positioning of the axe eye being around the barrel makes me nervous that in some ways it'd be worse than a gunblade because all that force is going through and would be pushing up on the barrel, but they might have been braced well enough the effect would have been minimal, and again, axes are much simpler and more practical than a sword in many situations.

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Axe gun

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OR! you could not be a faggot.Pic related

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>Dwarven engineering

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that doesn't look terrible futuristic. Also, funny enough, that looks less like a European boardingsword and more like a Chinese Jian.

Thank you. I considered it having an origin in the Eastern continent like in our world but decided, seeing as the world has had intercontinental communication problems for 1200 years and magic is a 'subjective' thing, I felt 'why not make the history of firearms as wild as magic?'

As a side note: with magic having returned to the setting to meet a whole bunch of new technology that's developed in its absence, the setting is filled with people attempting magitech.

With mixed results.

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Well hey, you're the one who axed for weapons

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indeed it kind of did, bar regal, Lloyd could lay dish out hurt like no other in the game and could combo for nearly days.

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You damn transweapon abliest, sword this, sword that. Be more considerate you cis-bladed, steel privileged fucker. Death to all swords.

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Axe gun is best sword.


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