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Personally, despite my few gripes with the system, this is one of the reasons why I like SoP. Sure, it makes it easier to raise skeletons, but it also makes it easier to animate physical objects for labor with Enhancement Sphere. So if you want a Skeleton without being an evil necromancer, just grab Enhancement and animate it as a nonliving object. Heck, if you're skilled enough, you can animate individual bones if you want and make a Skelly that fights like Monsoon

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>meme race
Great, now I want to play a Kobold based off of Monsoon.

Actually, once you consider what a meme means, are not all of the "standard races" such as your Elves, Dwarves, Goblins, Orcs etc memetic racial archetypes?

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Didn't you know Jack? The desire to seek perfection and use of the blade is a Meme, encoded into the very soul of warriors. No one is immune to the control of the Memes, especially not you.

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And it seems I've passed some on to you.

stat me in PF

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In my setting the major Overfiends that rule the other Fiends each represent a manner in which suffering and despair are delivered unto mortal kind

There is The Cardinal Emperor, Lord of Suffering through Stifling Domination

Umuruk, the Chitinous Hunger, Lord of Suffering through Ruinous Ambition

And The Tumbling Bedlam, Lord of Suffering through uUnbridled Decadence

Been currently trying to come up with a 4th one for Divine numerology reasons. All Fiends were once mortal, but we're transformed through the cultivation of Stone Buds: small little gems on the shape of flower Buds that open up and spew bloody nectar when thier bearer has reached such levels of despair that they'd be willing to make others suffer more just to alleviate themselves. They then are given the chance to make a deal with a cosmic being of pure despair and hatred for mortality, who gives its demonic gifts in to people so that they may continue to make mortals just as miserable and bitter as he.

Yes. I have been reading Berserk.

Aside from the Overfiends, there are three entities from beyond the universe who snuck in their influence due to cracks in reality from a climactic event.

There's Vorelith, and evil, insane, and narcissistic entity who wishes to subsume all life into herself to give them "perfection". Lotta " beauty" and fleshcrafting cults.

There's Mhuhnderhuul, a being who wishes to eliminate all forms of life, energy, and existence in the world in an attempt to "free" the universe from the "shackles" of being existent. He is the being who created the undead to serve as the vessels of his will.

And the Shiftless Laugher, who just likes to dick with people for no reason other than to see how crazy people will go and how horribly they are willing to degrade themselves for whatever reason. Kind of a dick, loves bargaining with people for secrets and powers. Tends deal to people who have given up on deriving meaning or purpose from life, like pic related

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It's a meme this guy posts every thread.
As far as memes go, its pretty harmless, and doesn't really do anything, so you can just ignore it.

Speaking of Memes, what would be the best way to play pic related?

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