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First for fuck Primaris and any faggot that buys that shit.

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Looks like Chaos-linked xeno filth to me. It's definitely the same species as all the skeletons on the thrones.

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>more advanced than any other imperial race

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This is bait.

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Sounds like the views of a heretic if you ask me

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Hey m8, it ain't me, it's the gm.

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>being a faggot

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Because reasons. Carnac exists, GW is turning the Black Templars into a codex compliant chapter, okay not that but they're taking away the 6,000 marines and replacing them with only a 1000, and where do I go on?

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> Horus would totally do that.
Horus isn't Leman Russ. Surely he wouldn't use that as an excuse.
>But he was using his bro's waifu as an excuse to pick a fight
What did Abby think?
Knew it.
>The sex was to help her recover from the tentacle rape.
Something doesn't seem right.
>And the tentacle raper was a potential aspect of the Emperor created by the Inquisition so it can't be heresy.
>And the tentacle raper was a potential aspect of the Emperor
>MFW when.
Get the Grey Knights, and tell them to clean house.
>He was a fanatically loyal and devout Governor whose family happened to be a small strain of stable abhumans who were kinda fucked up. They were all albinos who could only see in infrared. As long as you are loyal the IoM gives zero fucks. Amusingly there is another loyal governor who keeps a harem of kids as part of a planetary eugenics program. At least there is no Dorn ordained feces eating like in the first SM novel.
> At least there is no Dorn ordained feces eating like in the first SM novel.
>Why and MFW again

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This is probably one of my favorite reaction pics.

I'm impressed the artist managed to get a look of contempt, disgust and anger from a fucking helmet. Good job on that one.

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>Choosing anyone but the Holy Lich as the rightful ruler of mankind

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My favorite. The look of disgust and anger conveyed by a fucking helmet is beautiful. He looks pissed that there's even a SINGLE bit of heresy in the universe.

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Welcome to the Guard, rookie.

I regret to inform you that the specifics for Tallarn Desert Raiders are lost from the GW Codex, however I believe rules exist in the forge world supplement books.

Ratlings are an elites choice, and you can take a hefty squad of them per slot. They have a special rule that lets them shoot and run, which is perfect for your skirmish idea!

As per the guardsmen, your best bet is to read the new Order System they have received. With a successful order it is possible for you to shoot and run as well, but a heavy weapon team will be forced to snap fire (only hits on 6's) if it moved prior to shooting, so they'll be a slow squad and unfit for skirmishing. Maybe go for heavy weapon sentinels?

My favorite casual list is also skirmish based, but I use vehicles to make up for the SLOW movement of my men.

I'll be in this thread if you have more specific questions!

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The one of the differences is that one is now a lich and the other shot himself and had one testicle.

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This is now a space marine thread.

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