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>people getting vaccinated, impaled, and deflowered pray to SHTK-SHTAK, the God of Painful Insertions to reduce their distress
>SHTK-SHTAK is said to be merciful and always heeds prayers when he needs them, but is unhappy with his portfolio, but tolerates it for his mother, the emotionally volatile Goddess of Sadomasochism's sake

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Screw the regulations about looking out the window, I just need to see- BY THE EMPEROR WHAT THE SHIT IS THIS

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Some more generic suggestions, then.

Draw the pilots into factional intrigues. Seele wants to become God, Misato actually wants to save the world, Gendo just wants to see his wife again. The PCs can be recruited by a faction, and expected to work in secret to ensure their plans go off. Maybe one PC is taking Shinji's spot, and can be convinced to bring his mom back. Maybe the Manufactured pilot has secret orders to ensure Seele is not betrayed.

Think about the battles not just as "encounters" like in most DnD campaigns, but as set-pieces, like in a movie or video game. Fill the battlefield with interesting terrain that the Evas or Angels can interact with, and interesting events or conditions that might affect the fight. Maybe the Angel sets off an EMP power, and suddenly aircraft are falling from the sky, crashing and exploding all over the place (or be caught by merciful pilots). Maybe the pilots can lure the Angel into an oil refinery, and set the whole place ablaze (increasing the Collateral Damage, of course).

I use Obsidian Portal for most of my games, but for this, my friend helped me set up a webpage. It isn't finished, but give me a few hours and I'll post a link to the WIP.

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Ok, yeah. As I read more about this game it seems like it's built around solving mysteries rather than having adventures in the traditional sense. I can see that being good, then. Maybe not exactly the type of game I want to try to run, but you gotta use the right tool for the right job.

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you got eerie timing to get me right as I wake up

Hard to explain. That was 10 words to sum the soon-to-end 10 years or so worth of gaming that went into that statement.

Basically a bunch of ruffians and assholes went home, became a family man, adopted the slav, and then after a lot of other bullshit they collapsed time through her soul by complete and total happenstance (a bunch of situational add-ups combined with a series of improbable rolls (like one in a million improbable)). So now she's slowly becoming THE divinity as more and more time slowly folds in on itself through her.

She and nobody else has any idea yet save creepy inferences.

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A classic.

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When I'm well and truly pissed, the gloves come off. And considering all the power and knowledge I've accumulated over my chain, it looks like it's the god damned apocalypse. As a wise man once said, there is no kill like overkill.

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When fighting, but not angry:

When actually angry, and worlds are about to die:

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Why not I mean your amassing vast amounts of power and most likely becoming some sort of 6D hyper being surely people have some sort of goal other than endless jumps

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I've actually played it that way a couple times, and yes, it is pretty fun. However, it strains the system somewhat: because of prerequisites and so many things tied to your ability score and too many details in chargen, it is clear that the game is not designed for that style.

My recommendation is to remove most prerequisite from feats, and ditch favoured classes (with either version). Also, random class is too much: 3d6 in order already determines your class firmly.

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>not ALWAYS rolling to seduce
what are you, some kind of faggot?

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Without using the words "miserable" or "pile" or any synonyms thereof, or circular reasoning such as "the source of divine magic", or 2edgy4u non-answers such as "they'll kill anyone who doubts them", what is a god?
Is it more like a species, or more like a title?

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What is a god?

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Hello ladies and gents, gents that look like ladies, ladies that look like gents, and high school students that look like dwarfs.

So my group proposed but we ultimately declined on switching gears on our Horror on the Orient Express game and converting it into JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 1923: JoJo On the Orient Express. This means we will not, in fact, have stand shenanigans while globe-hopping on a train.

But, that having been said, the reason for this dismissal is not because JoJo wouldn't fit, it totally fucking would, but that we'd already done so much work on the assumption that it would just be CoC.

So now they want a JoJo of Cthulhu game using a prepublished Chaosium/Lovecraftian Horror pre-written campaign, probably using either the Basic Roleplaying rules + Super Hero modifications or Worlds in Peril.

I figured since /tg/ knows it's shit, I'd put the options I wanna make into a Bizarre Adventure on the table to see what you guys say would be best. My options are:

Eternal Lies (Pelgrane Press, has its own conversion to CoC by one of the 7e playtesters. Y'golonac got out of bed and needs to be put back down, but nobody knows that it's him or what he wants or why he should be put back down.)

Spawn of Azathoth (Chaosium, a Ghost tells the players to go fuck up a cult before Azathoth wakes up and wipes all the crumbs off his shirt, the crumbs being everything in all reality.)

Shadows of Yog-Sothoth (Chaosium, oh fuck me the Stars are Right, do we have a boat? No? Whaddya mean we have a bunch of chucklefucks who think they can take a crack at it? Well, fuck, alright.)


Any choice picks, /SSS/?

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Man this just makes me thirsty as fuck for a Delta Green: Apocalypse game. Where the cells are temporarily abandoned because shit is about to go tits over ass and DG is the only organization that knows, and ends up having to pull a low level XCOM to deal with it before being discovered and ruthlessly culled, and then the world ending.

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