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So, first off, sorry for the late start. Got caught up talking about another project I'm working on, forgot to finish the OP on time. My bad there, haha.

This isn't it, I don't think, but we're getting pretty close to the end of it- We may marathon tonight so that this is our last real thread, and then get the epilogue done as the next regular run. We'll see how we do here, IDK.

Archive here:


The fenrir is massive and feels like it- it's a far cry from the Wyvern. Instead of cutting through the air, graceful and powerful, this plane simply hammers through it, it's maneuverability less because of aerodynamics and far more because of the hundreds of tiny magical vernier thrusters studded across it's body. It's taken getting used to- you wish you had more time to do so.

Merlin, meanwhile, is a ball of conflicting emotions- as usual, to be fair, though more pronounced, somehow. More... distinct. You can feel echos of her own hope and fear and happiness and the embarrassment you still don't quite understand, but you don't really know if you want to ask about.

You're hitting a USAF tanker over Poland now- part of the country that used to be Belarus. It's hard to tell that there was a war on down there just over a week ago at this altitude, the fields and forests sliding beneath you serenely.

"We're good to tank." Merlin intones from the back. "Receptacle is just behind my hatch, your HUD should display where you need to go."

You nod, the green arrow appearing inside your helmet. "Got it. You ok back there?"

"Mhmm." She says, though you can feel that embarrassment deepen a bit. "I-it's just taking some getting used to is all. It's ok Frank, I'll be fine back here."

[] Ask Merlin if there's any more information on what we're flying into
[] See if Wendy's holding up ok over there.

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So, news.

Went to set up an ask.fm. Then it wanted my real damn name, and, while I could make something up, it's like, nah. Nahhh. Besides, I'm relatively sure there's not enough call for it anyway, haha!

Other than that, I do have a pretty solid idea of where I'd like us to get to tonight, so it may be a long thread, though I may have one long break in there while i get something for evening chow and maybe grab a rockstar or monster or something.

archive here


The sirens on the base have shut off by the time the four of you make it to the hangar. Out on the apron, crews load weapons onto the air force jets, while in the hangar, the overhead crane is lowering a group of agiles in their rotary launcher into the dorsal bays of your Wyvern, and a load tech is closing the doors on the twin's plane manually. The nacelle bays on both your fighters are still open and waiting for their weapons, while the ordinance crews wheel a pair of Tesla cannons out from the weapons depot on a pair of flatbeds.

The witches straggle in in ones and twos- Rosalie and Wendy, already in the hangar, are mounting their striker racks already, while Ice heads towards her own, where the ordinance crews are loading what look like ASRAAMs into the bays of her superstriker. Slider's, you guess, are already loaded, judging by the empty weapons trolley nearby and the closed bays.

Merlin makes a beeline for the Wyvern while you head for the chief- you're not sure what you're loaded with, and you'd at least like some idea.


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Been a while! hahaha. Seems like it anyway, at least to me.

No real important news to tell you guys, there may be a break in here while I make myself some evening chow, but other than that we ought to have a pretty normal thread.

Archive here:


The harsh sound of Merlin and Kimiko's shinai hammering into each other covers you and the girl's footsteps. You'd figured that Merlin's opinion on the new... arrangements was the most important, especially with how closely you two work. You're not as worried about Kimiko- you get the distinct impression she could care less about it, really.

The two of them are wrapped up in their practice, giving you a chance to watch. Kimiko's clearly miles better than Merlin, though that's to be expected, with her massive lead in experience and practice. She seems to effortlessly flow into the attack and back onto the defense, everything showing the precision of long training.

Merlin's more dogged- she's not got the same level of fluidity in her movements, but she's clearly learned to cover for it. Well, that, and you suspect Kimiko is taking it very easy on your RIO- though you doubt you're the only one thinking that. Still, Merlin seems determined to not let Kimiko simply beat her, and is holding her own.

The girls watch impassively, seemingly unimpressed by the show of skill in front of them. You almost wish Kimiko had a better opponent available, though you'd have to question where you'd find anyone with any skill in swords here. Rosalie, maybe, though you're pretty sure she's a fencer by training, and that's somewhat different. Beyond that, you suspect you'd have to go back to Japan to really find her someone of her caliber to practice against.


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Part two for the night! no real surprise we needed one though, hahahaa! Bit of a run left, though not much for the night.

First thread is here while it lasts:


[] I- yeah. Yeah. I love you too. All of you. I guess I want this too.

As unreal as the situation is, you feel yourself responding almost by instinct, nodding slowly. “I-” You pause, searching for words. “I love you too. All of you.” You say. “I guess this is what I wanted all along too.”

Katya smiles thinly. “So that is why you led us on so long?”

You shake your head, hastily. “It's not- that was never my intention.” You say. “It's just- I never could figure out how to say anything without hurting everyone else involved, and-”

“And you're an asshat for making us make the first move, Frank Bishop.” Slider says. “But we'll forgive you since you're our asshat, now.”

“I will point out that the girls come first.” You say. “I love you all, but I owe them everything they've never had.”

Ice nods. “We know, and we agree. They do come first. A-all our kids will, eventually.”

“Wait what.” you say, flatly. Katya laughs.

“You did not think we would just be staying around the house and holding hands?” She asks, standing up to walk over, a wicked sway in her hips and a matching grin on her face. She sits down on your lap, cradling your face in her hands. “Perhaps we should be demonstrating what we are meaning by ours?”

“Not in my office we won't.” Ice says. “And not right now anyway.”

Katya grins again at you, rotating off to sit next to you. “You are a spoiler of sport, my new sister.” She says.

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Bit of a late start today, trying to un-fuck my sleeping patterns. so far, not much success. Hahaha.

Other than that, not much here. I'll be running back over to the folk's house to throw out trash and grab a pizza, so there may be a bit of a delay between the OP and the first post, we'll see. Maybe not.

Anyway, archive here:


The girls' formation flying skills aren't actually that bad, despite the soviets having never been noted as the greatest in that field. You'd decided, on your refueling stopover at Keflavik AFB that they must have developed them as a result of being each others only friend for so long. It'd have been hard to miss- impossible, really- how close they are, though they've begun, if only just, to trust each other 'alone' with you or Merlin.

From Iceland, your formation flew on to RAF Wattisham, landing there long enough to disconnect and stretch your legs while your fighters were refueled and rearmed for the final leg of the trip in. You'd made most of the trip across the Atlantic with a basic self-defense load of a pair of agiles and a pair of AMRAAMS, figuring that the Soviets just didn't have the remaining air assets to attempt an intercept, even if they had detected you. Wattisham fills out your aircraft, giving you six more AMRAAMS and six ASRAAMS, the European sidewinder replacement. While you personally think your Agiles are more capable, the ASRAAM has proven effective, both moving faster and having longer range than the Agile, though it's less maneuverable and it's seeker head isn't quite as capable off-bore as the Agile's is.

Not that you expect it to matter- right now, from what you gather sitting on the post, NATO ammunition stocks are kind of heterogeneous still, with the remaining stocks of AIM-9s still arming some bases, while others have transitioned over to AIM-95s and ASRAAMs. Logistics in a world war, you reflect, must be a bitch.


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So, let's see, news.

Nothing really, haha. might be a bit of a long run tonight, but we'll see. not like i have to go in till 1500 tomorrow anyway, haha.

Archives here:


“You know, you're doing pretty good!” Laika says from her seat in back. You can- somewhat disturbingly- feel it through the VNDI link too. She's this little knot of thoughts and feelings somewhere in the back of your head, distinct but unreadable. You can't tell if it's getting more or less defined- you don't remember it from your first couple flights, yesterday and this morning, but you were pretty busy for both of them, re-learning how to think as a pilot.

It kind of disturbs you, to some extent, and you've made efforts to limit it or cut it off- you're not sure if she has either, or if she's even aware of it, and you don't know if it's working, but you kind of hope it is.
You don't respond, instead working around the pylon turns again- you're not exactly re-learning basic flight, but it feels like it. You'd done just the very basic familiarization stuff yesterday, taking four flights to do so, finally finishing by handling a landing. You'd come down a bit faster and a bit harder than you wanted to, but you got the skyfox on the ground without damage, so you'll take it as a win.

You've been focusing on more advanced acrobatics today, re-learning the all combat maneuvers, though you're able to do so quickly. You're anxious to do so in a Wyvern, though neither of the ones on the base are equipped for VDNI flight. They technically belong to VX-4, the 'playboys', China Lake's resident squadron. They handle most of the weapons and equipment testing at the base, and operate at least one of everything in the navy. You've kept careful count of the Wyverns- there were two yesterday, there's three today, and now, there's another landing ahead of you.


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[x] Let me get settled in first, then we'll get into the air. Lot of work to do.

You laugh. “Let me get settled in first, then we'll get into the air.” You grin at her pout. “Lot of work to do, don't worry. We'll get plenty of flight time.”

“Ok....” She says, eventually. “Hurry!”

You laugh, and turn to the admiral. “Sir? Where should we get our gear?”

“Well now.” He says. “How about you hop into that humvee over there, and I'll drive us over to the BOQ and get you in your quarters.”

You nod, and you and Merlin both hop in the vehicle, with the admiral taking the driver's seat. He pulls out off the base and down towards the housing and admin section- a couple miles across the desert. He pulls up outside the BOQ and you note how small it is- compared to the one at Halsey field, it's positively tiny. Inside, you're assigned a single suite- which is awkward when you and Merlin notice there's only one bed an a pullout couch.

Merlin, dropping her bags in the living room, shrugs at you. “Want to just figure it out when they get here?” She asks. They'll probably want to just sleep with you anyway.”

“Yeah, probably.” You remark. Though you've got reservations about that, too. “We can probably get a cot brought up too, I can sleep on that and they can share the bed.”

Merlin shrugs. “Doesn't matter anyway. We can handle it tomorrow, right?”

“Yeah, I guess.” You say.

“So, are you going to go fly?” She asks.

[] Merlin, are you... jealous?
[] Yeah. I get the feeling her being bored is a bad thing.

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Sorry about the late start- had to head over to the parent's house to pick up some more stuff. Mostly my beer and some chili. mmm, chili.

So, let's see... news. nothing really, so that's good.

Archive here:


If you have to sit through one more briefing, you think you might just explode. First, it was a travel and personal security briefing in Cannes- shit you're already used to and well versed in. Besides, you don't think the content has ever changed in the couple of years you've been in. The only difference you can think of was that you actually had to pay attention to the travel with dependents part of it, and even then, only passingly. The whole thing was designed for guys in Europe on leave with their families- not people like you, headed to the states.

You flew back on an air force C-20, one normally used for VIP transport. Nobody else boarded the jet- it'd been sent specifically for you. Of course, you had to sit through the usual safety briefing as it rolled away from it's spot on the tarmac at Mandelieu and took off, heading for Andrews AFB in Maryland.

You didn't even get off the plane on the base- a new crew took over from the old one, and you waited as the jet refueled on the pad and took off again, chasing the sun west before finally setting down at NAS Halsey field, on north island. Practically home for you.

Not that you got to spend any time at your apartment- instead, you were ushered off the aircraft and into a waiting staff car, driving a short distance to the University hospital in hillcrest, where you finally were able to stretch your legs- for about ten minutes, or the time it took to walk to a secured part of the building where you met the doctors in charge of all of this.


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[x] “Girls? Do you want to do that?”

You look back to the back seat. Both the girls have their bags on their laps, hands folded across the tops of them. “Girls, you want to do that? Go back to the hotel and change, then go out to eat?”

Stasya looks at Lilya- who nods. “All right then.” you say. “Yeah, back to the hotel, inspector.”

The hotel lobby is more full than you remember- you wonder who's staying here to warrant all the attention. Again, a few looks are shot your way- you think you see more than one person reaching for a notepad or a camera- but the inspector, joined by a uniformed colleague, get you to the elevators and close them, right as a reporter starts rushing towards the doors.

The suite is empty, which allows you to tell the girls to go change into what they want to wear, while you take a seat on the couch. You're joined by Merlin, who sits nearby.

“Whatcha think, kiddo?” You ask, resisting the urge to turn on the TV. She shrugs.

“I h-hope they don't get too fancy. I'll have t-to change if they do.” She says, making you laugh.

“Well, if they do, it won't be too bad. You excited?”

She nods. “Y-yeah. I'm glad you l-listened to me.” She says.

“I usually do, when it comes to tech.” You point out. She shakes her head.

“T-this time was different.” She says. “I know that a lot o-of them didn't like it. It s-scares them.”

You nod- in a couple cases, you think that's right.

“B-but machines can o-only do what we make them to do.” She says. “And t-they let us do things we couldn't w-without them. It's j-just prejudice that makes them say t-those things. They're s-scared of technology. T-they don't think like us.”

“What do ya mean, Sam?” You ask.


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Second part of the night's thread! First part here:
while it lasts


[x] Yeah, I understand that.

You nod. “Yeah, yeah. I understand that.” You say, kind of quietly too.

The table is silent again long enough for you to order food- an omelet and some toast, along with a glass of, you're hoping, real damn orange juice. The shit you get in Poland is from concentrate that was probably frozen sometime in the last ice age- bitter and sour and nasty as hell. Mom always spoiled you when it came to that, buying the good stuff-

You pause for a moment, thinking about it. Your parents don't even know they're grandparents yet. You chuckle at the thought internally.

“So,” You say. “Do you girls need some clothes?”

They look at each other, then at you. Again, Stasya speaks for them both. “We have the dresses we are wearing, and our flight equipment. Is that not enough?” She asks, sounding genuinely curious.

You shake your head. “Not at all- you can't wear the same dress every day.” You say. Shit, even you own more than one change of civilian clothes. Not that you ever get to wear them.

The look at each other again. “We cannot?”

You laugh and shake your head. “No, no. not at all. If we have time, we'll have to get you some more clothes.”

The two of them look at each other- they seem to do that a lot. But it's when they start to watch someone past you that you turn around.

You grin as soon as you do, standing up and shaking the hand of the man approaching. “Inspector Victoire!” You say. “Hey, what brings you here?”

“You do, my friend!” He responds, laughing. “May I sit?” the question is addressed to the two girls and Merlin- not you. They don't answer, instead splitting their attention between him and you.

[] Go ahead and take a seat, inspector. They're still a bit shy.
[] It's kind of rude to not answer, girls.

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[x] Is that snark? You know what snark gets, right? AIRPLANE RIDES!

You nod, seeming to contemplate the statement, taking it as serious.

You're not, of course, but you need to get Merlin off guard.

She knows- she's practically family, closer to you than almost anyone else on a day-to-day basis and certainly more in tune with how you operate. It takes a second before she finally relaxes, the little tension in her body leaving her as she turns to say something to Kimiko.

You're a pilot; your reflexes and response time are what you live and die by. In less than an instant, you've grabbed her around the waist, almost effortlessly hauling her up onto your shoulder. “SNARK GETS AIRPLANE RIDES!” You manage to get out before you start laughing manically.

“Ack! F-frank! No!” She protests as you beeline for the front door, making 'woosh' noises. Kimiko follows behind at a more dignified pace, probably thinking you're insane.

Well, it takes one to know one, you suppose.

You can't keep it up the whole way to the admin building- you slow down from a dead sprint after about a quarter mile, though you don't put Merlin down till you actually get to the the doors of the administrations center.

You put her down and she shoots you a scowl, then softens it into a grin. “Y-you know I'm not a k-kid anymore, right?” She says.

[] Of course not. That doesn't mean I won't tease you a little bit!
[] So do I need to have a talk with Kenji, then?

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File: 153 KB, 1000x700, You'd have never pegged her as one of those sword saints, but you figure if she's gonna be one, she's got a damn good teacher for it..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[x] Go find Merlin, let's talk about this implant shit some more.

You decide to head off in search of your RIO, to discuss the implants some more. You've decided your major hang-ups are how invasive they sound- and how permanent they'll be. Past that, you're pretty well at peace with them.

Your first stop, the hangar, is a bust, which surprises you, honestly. Normally, this time of day, she'd be in here, working with the crew on the wyvern. Instead, your fighter sits parked in a corner, a diagnostic computer hooked up, but nothing else going on with it. The majority of the focus seems to be on the strikers and the twin's jet, with techs and ground crew swarming all over it. Heavy lift equipment sits nearby, and several crates sit nearby- new components, probably.

You move on, noting the suits near the Striker racks, looking at Merlin's superstrikers. While they don't have an official name yet, you've heard they've been lumped into a single project heading with most of Merlin's other creations. Even so, you're pretty sure that there's multiple interests at work there- any company that can start production of them will have a huge, practically guaranteed contract waiting for them, and you're sure every branch is anxious to get them in service. Of course, Merlin's opinion on the whole thing is an unknown to you- half the time you think she tinkers just to tinker.

Since she's not in the hangar, you head to the house- she rarely ventures away from the two places without yourself. Though, you think, she's been awful close to Sakamoto, so it's possible the two of them aren't there.

Sure enough, you don't find either of them there, though you do find Rosalie, who points you to the base gym.


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So, 7 days to die is addictive as hell. I'm going to have to watch that, hahaha. Kinda cut into time I'd have otherwise used writing last night, though I should still have the next chapter of Raikov done this weekend. Hopefully.

Archives here:


“Sir Bishop!” Wendy says as you head downstairs, feeling about like the walking dead and probably looking like one as well. You yawn at her.

“What did I say about calling me that?” You ask. She grins at you.

“Alyssa and Clarissa were quite clear, sir. I am to call you that at all times.” She says, grinning. “Would you like breakfast?”

“In a minute.” You grumble. “Coffee first.”

“I'll get that for you.” She says, heading for the kitchen.

You'd respond, but you're interrupted by Merlin, who gives you a quick hug as she descends the stairs and then squeezes past you. “M-morning, Frank.” She says as she does. “H-have you seen Kimiko? I-I wanted to talk to her.”

You shake your head- after all, you just woke up yourself.

You'd reported in to Ice when you got back- she'd greeted you and asked you how it went, and even returned the smile when you told her that was classified. Of course, the joking had died off when she'd said that Davis was due in today, and that nothing had come through, yet, that would allow her to deny detaching Merlin, and that if Brigitte didn't come through, she realistically didn't have any options.

The front has been quiet, at least from your standpoint- other than the occasional raid, there's been almost no air threat, though the Soviet military maintains powerful- and numerous- AA defenses with it's units, with just about everything in the book out there. It's made the front almost a no-fly zone for anything other than specialized SEAD aircraft, and has made the majority of the work fall on the allied armies.


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So, let's see, news.

With any luck this should be a solid return to our usual schedule, I think the holiday BS is over at work for the most part, but next week may be jacked up still, IDK. At any rate, we'll be normalized within a couple of weeks, haha.

No real news here other than that, so I guess that's good, right? right. haha.

Archive here:


You're not exactly unhappy to see Japan leave sight, the big- and new- C-33 taking off from Misawa air base, in the northern part of Honshu. You'd been ferried there earlier by a pair of IJA Chinook helos, along with the witches and their equipment. The Fandance remained behind- by now, it had attracted more than a little interest from the technical staff, and, last you'd seen of it, they'd had the shattered turbine out of it's housing, and were examining the other.

Of course, your own debriefing was short and to the point, coming sometime after your movie night with the team. You and Merlin had been debriefed together, and while they'd asked some passing details of the mission itself, they'd seemed far more interested on your and Merlin's opinions on the soviet fighter. You'd tried not to let bias flavor your statements.

It fights better damaged, you'd thought, though you'd never suffered damage like that in the wyvern, so it's hard to say. It had certainly performed far better than you'd expected it to with the lost engine, and it's handling was fairly impressive. It accelerated quickly, and it was fast, though still unable to flat outrun those Foxbats, which, honestly, surprised you. It had an unsettling tenancy to want to stick in high angle turns, though, bleeding speed and threatening a stall if a pilot wasn't on top of it. You suspect with VDNI that's less of an issue though, from what you know of it.


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So, let's see, news.

First, sorry about missing Tuesday. Not really sure what's going around- feels like a flu without the puking, which is nice, but it's been lingering too long, I've been sick since Sunday. I'm mostly over it by now, good enough to run a thread, anyway, hahaha. I've got no plans to make Thursday our regular day, last two weeks notwithstanding.

Work schedule for next week is predictably jacked up, so do you guys want a Monday thread or a Wednesday thread? I think I can do Friday if the other two don't work, but I'd rather not run Christmas day, if that's all the same to everyone else involved.

Archive here:


“So” You ask to no one in particular, looking around the blacked-out interior of the transport aircraft. “Can anyone explain to me why, again, we're going to jump out of a perfectly good airplane?”

To be fair, you're not entirely sure about funny-looking aircraft, with it's turbofans perched atop it's wings and it's short, squat body. As it turns out, the special operations community pulled one of the two failed AMST competitors out of the boneyard, had it refurbished with several new technologies- some of them tested in and on the wyvern, you were told- and have been using it for ops like this where a C-130 just can't cut it.

Still, this is one of it's first dozen missions, and a lot can go wrong, especially with new equipment like this. Then again, new equipment is only part of your worry. The other part, the part really eating at your mind, is sitting behind you, her legs stretched to either side of your hips, happily chatting away with her team. At least, you think, she's not sharpening that fucking hatchet of hers anymore.


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[x] Take the room with the lingerie left in it.

“We'll take that room there on the left.” You say, pointing.

Brigitte nods. “Dat's fine. I'll take de one right next to ya, and I'll be puttin Kim and mel in on de udda side.”

“I get F-first pick on beds!” Merlin suddenly exclaims, running into the room before you really have a chance to panic.

Very aware of Brigitte's eyes on you, you shrug and grin, following her in. There's no evidence of the lingerie or the note, but given the smile she gives you, Merlin knows.

[] Alright, where did you hide them?
[] Hey Merlin, did you see a pair of white skivvies in here?

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No news here! hahaha. I'm sure I'll think of something I need to say later, but we'll deal with that then.

Archive here:


The briefing officer here wears clean, impeccably pressed tigerstipe that looks like it's been out of it's plastic bag for about an hour, max. You have to fight down the urge to ask him if it's still got tags. He's also got a pair of aviators- really, really expensive ones, you'd wager, by the look of them, and one hell of a wristwatch, certainly more expensive than your G-shock.

You can see his eyebrow quirk at you and Merlin, though he's got enough sense to not say anything as you walk in, escorted by Brigitte, who takes a seat next to yours and languidly stretches out, throwing one leg over the armrest and into your lap. She grins at you when you look over at her briefly before opening up a notepad to get times, routes, refueling points, callsigns, expected hostiles- all the important shit.

“Commander Bishop.” The man says, nodding. “When Commander Laroux said she'd turned up a pilot, I didn't expect it to be you.”

You shrug. “I owed maman a favor.”

He grins. “A lot of people do.” That said, he turns his head to look at Brigitte. “Commander Laroux, do you think they're qualified?”

Brigitte's eyes narrow. “You be careful what you be sayin.” She says, her voice low. “You say you wan de bes, I get de bes. Or you be tinkin you find someone more betta to do dis?”

1/3 (I think)

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So, let's see... news.

So my bad knee is fucking up pretty badly in this weather, so Fulda gap, which was this weekend, may be out of the question. I've got it wrapped and I'm using a cane, but odds are, I won't be able to go. But, that's good news for you guys, since it means I'll have that whole weekend free to work on a thread. Silver linings and such, I guess, hahaha. Keep an eye on the twitter about that one if you're interested, I'll try and keep it up to date.

Archive here:


“So, if I may ask, sir, how did you end up here?” Wendy says, breaking the silence between the four of you. Merlin's dozing next to you, wrapped up in a poncho liner- no doubt one of yours- and Katya's reading a time magazine. You've been trying to stargaze, which has been startling easy, with the base mostly blacked out for fear of raiders.

“Well, it's long and involved.” You say, leaning back in your chair.

“We have plenty of time.” Katya points out without looking up.

You chuckle, having figured she'd say something along those lines.

“Well,” You start, tilting your head up. “My grandpop was a fighter pilot during the war. Flew corsairs for the marines, off all those little island bases they inherited from or shared with the IJN. I grew up listening to his stories, that's kinda what made me decide to shoot for fighters.”

Wendy nods, and Katya puts down her magazine, turning to look at you.

“See, I'm second of four, but Rex and I were twins. He's six seconds older.” You grin. “Bastard lords it over me every chance he can get, too.”

Katya smiles at that, and you think you hear Wendy giggle a bit.

1/2 (hopefully)

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Part two for the night! first time I can remember needing one quite this early, haha!

Part one


[x] Not... exactly. (Tell her the full truth)

“Not... exactly.” You say, then begin to tell Merlin about the orders, Longstreet's letters, and Ice's utter lack of options.

“I-I won't go back. N-not even for that. I-if I c-can't fly with F-frank, I won't F-fly.” Merlin says, her voice panicked, but firm. “I-I'd rather hand in my w-wings a-and resign.”

“Merlin...” Ice starts, but Merlin shakes her head.

“I-I wasn't a witch until F-frank made me one.” Merlin responds. “I-if I'm not flying w-with him, t-then I'm not a w-witch anymore a-and they don't n-need me.”

Brigitte nods. “She got a point, sistah. De matron, she be de one to tell girls dey ain't got what it take to be a witch. She be in a tight spot if 'mantha here decide ta leave.”

“But she is a witch!” Ice says, exasperated. “That's why she's here.”

Brigitte grins and shakes her head. “No, ya be wrong. She be a talent, like de Baron. Dey different. De findings at Barin, dey not be so sure yet what dey mean. Meybbe she is a witch, dat true. But dey no be sayin dat yet, only dat de baron an her, dey make a good team.”

“So they're replacing her with a witch. It still doesn't mean we've got any way of preventing it.” Ice says. “I can't do anything, not without losing my career and even if I do that, my replacement will just transfer them off anyway.”


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[x] “Make sure Wendy's with us again.”

You nod. “Make sure Wendy's with us again.”

“Wen-” Ice pauses and blows a breath out of pursed lips, then nods. “If she thinks she's good to fly again, I'll put her as your wing again.” She says. “And Katya, plus one more, if I can scare up another night witch, or one of us can qualify on NODs tonight.”

You shrug, spearing a T-bone and catching a slid beer- bottled, not canned, which is a nice surprise. “ whatever you need to do, boss. We've just got to get her off those tornados.” You say, looking back at Wendy's strikers on their racks. “how badly did she fuck them up?”

Ice looks back over at them and grimaces. “Pretty badly. The crew got them up to flight ready again, but I don't think they can handle that kind of stress again.”

“That bad?” You ask, worried now- Wendy's your wingmate, at least temporarily, and that makes this your problem too.

Ice shrugs. “Frank, they were junk when the RAF sent them to us. If it hadn't been for Merlin and Kenji, they'd still be junk. Those two are incredible, but I don't think even they could have gotten them back to one hundred percent, and even if they had-” she pauses, then shakes her head.

“Wendy pushed herself way too hard, Frank. Way, way too hard. I don't know why she did it the way she did, but-” She shakes her heads again. “But her strikers can't take it, and I'm not sure she can, either. She's told me more than once she's terrified one of us will get hurt because she doesn't know what she's doing.”


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[x] Maybe that's why I wanted to get you with us initially, sure, but I'm not the only one you've impressed.

You nod. “Maybe that's why I wanted to get you transferred initially, but I'm not the only one you've impressed.” You say.

“You're not?” Wendy asks, sounding slightly better.

“Not at all. You shoot as good as the best of the rest of them, your skill as a flier, the basic stuff you need to know, is better than perfect, or nearly that, and you've kept training most of them have forgotten. Like now, for example.” You supply, pointing at the NODs attached to her HUD piece. “Most of them can't fly like that, and leave nights to us pilots and the night witches. But here you are, right? Just by you being here, it means that Katya and the twins don't have to be up overnight with Merlin and me every other night, and that counts for a lot.”

“Plus,” Merlin adds from the back, “You don't have to unlearn any bad habits in order to learn ours.”

You grin. “Yeah, what Merlin said. You don't have to learn anything differently than how your old unit did things, because your old unit never taught you. Stupid of them, really.”

You see her nodding, agreeing with what you've said- maybe because she believes it, maybe because she wants it to be true and isn't going to question it. Either way works for you for now.


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sorry for the late start- jacked up my shoulder at some point, so I was re wrapping it so the hot pad would stay on it. At least it's the side I expect to go out from time to time, haha. past that, week after next is a toss up between a sherktwins oneshot or another Brigitte oneshot, what would you guys rather do?

Archives here:


Barin fades behind you, it's rain-slicked runway gradually disappearing into the cloud as you climb above the sudden shower. You're almost sad to see it go, but at the same time you're happy to be getting back to the front- back where you belong.

You'd noticed more than a few heads in the windows overlooking the enclosed tarmac- you're pretty sure you recognized the impassive face of Natalya and the still dizzy look of Konstantina- you'd seen them just before hitting the flight line, and had hugged them goodbye- they're not so bad when they're not trying to kill you. You hope next time you run into them isn't over Poland. Not that you're not positive you'd win- you know you can beat them both if it came to it- but part of you would rather not. Honestly, you feel bad for them- child soldiers never have it good, and those two, well.


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Ok, sorry for the late start- SNAFU with the OP, had to retype it, haha. oh well, shit happens, right?

Archive here:

and I actually lost the pastebin link, so if someone has that, it'd be nice.

And that's it for news. haha.


In a way, you're almost sad to be leaving the castle.

It's not empty- not by a long margin, with the majority of the visiting matrons still present, and the small academy's students once again allowed into most of the spaces previously occupied by the conclave or convent or whatever the hell it's called- you're not sure. You're relatively sure Ice told you at some point, but it hardly mattered.

Matron Litvyak greeted the four of you one the pad outside- favoring you with a smile and asking her daughter how she liked Paris. Natalya and Konstantina, however, weren't so lucky- apparently, the Parisian witches weren't too thrilled at their unannounced, uninvited presence. You spoke up for them, pointing out you and Katya both would likely be dead or worse had they not been there. It might have done something to mitigate the offense, but you're not sure, and haven't seen them since to ask.

Merlin greeted you as well- and pointed out your gear and personal kit, what had been left, had been moved down to the hangar. Her workshop is gone, along with her 'super' strikers, with Ice and Slider flying the pair over to Wattisham to be loaded up onto C-141s about the same time Katya and you were dress shopping in Paris. The squadron's rooms have already been closed up, too, with the three of you remaining moving down to decidedly temporary arrangements down near the hangar- in the empty room that used to hold Merlin's workshop.


>> No.34266736 [View]
File: 153 KB, 1000x700, You'd like to bring her a presant- you like the kid, afterall, but you're pretty sure top secret soviet technical data isn't something they'd let her keep anyway..png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, second thread of the night. Everyone still going strong? Haha. Probably not, but I'd really like to finish this as a oneshot!

First thread:


[x] Take advantage of the chaos to hit the third hangar- with the explosion, they'll be distracted if anyone's in there.

With the chaos out front still fresh, it's time to move. You unlock the door and look out, leading with your pistol- even the XM4 is a bit unwieldy here, though not too badly. You cross behind the second hangar and over to the third, forcing the lock and peeking inside- no one in here, yet. You can be sure there will be soon enough, though.

Inside the hangar, the modified strigon sits on the concrete, it's cockpit open. Next to it, the brand new strigon model strikers rest on a rack, their black paint job and prominent red star marking them as belonging to the guards witches. Those things will be trouble if they ever get out, you're positive.

However, the lack of guards does present an interesting opportunity. You could rig your strikers to blow and steal the new soviet strikers- it'd be a hell of an intelligence boon, if you could, damn near invalidating the whole line. You mull it over as you set the demolition charges on the strigon- timed, unfortunately- though you'll also set the missile beacon here as well, just to make sure.

You're still setting charges when the door opens and a pair of guards enter, with a dog. They've almost got time to be surprised before six well placed rounds hit- two in each guard and to on the dog. That's trouble. You're glad they waited until they were inside to turn around and see you, but they'll be missed shortly.


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