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There's so much scientific progress we could get done if only it were allowed to make sample populations of several thousand newborns and raise them under highly specific experimental conditions.

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This is clever on paper, but would likely result in more creative of the two eviscerating the rival and attempting to re-implant the fetus from still warm corpse into her own womb - because she can be much better mother to both of you children than that treacherous bitch.

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All the kinds. And then some more off the record.

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Well, I do! And I do understand your impatience, but I would also like to point out that when you signed up for this experimental procedure it was explicitly spelled out that the final choice will be in the hand of, yours truly, chief surgeon.

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it's only gay if you know it's a trap, in which case it wouldn't be a very good trap, now would it?

>if a player says they have a great idea, it isn't.
>If you start acting as GM you will never be a player again.
>don't put too much effort into areas that the players may never see.
>don't expect anyone to actually act ethically, even the Paladin, ESPECIALLY the Paladin.

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>She turned into some weird bunny mutant, her friend turned into a barely-sentient fleshblob who is in constant agony.
So what you're saying is that... it worked?

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You would not need to massacre anyone, you just keep sample populations isolated and let them die out naturally. Think of it as national reserves.

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Or embrace the glory of gene manipulation and try to accelerate catching up evolutionary.

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I would not say he really qualifies as Chaotic.

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Just a couple of things off the top of my head, I really liked the traits as a way of levelling up your character, because it lead to some pretty unique characters in my game, and I liked the way combat was presented in it's grid/wargaming sort of format. From the perspective of a GM, I like that it's easy to put together minor NPCs on the fly, the arbitrary number associated with your resource and spare time points lets you fluff out the worth of things so poorer races can still have meaningful high end gear compared to the richer Corp. Also I really like the Nephelim as a race and the spaceship construction in general.

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Really? Is this what you're going for this early in the morning?

A vial of spunk (.25cc) is 14-140 euros. We can average this to be about 77 per .25cc or 80 euros for ease of math. However, .25cc is very little compared to the cups or liters that paizo stats it's alcohol in. If I'm assuming correctly, So let's upscale this.

Assuming that a bottle of wine is 1 liter, or 1,000ml and that a 1 cc = 1 ml, then we know that 1 liter worth of spunk should be worth (80 x 4 x 1,000) or 320,000 euros. For ease of math, assume that 1 euro = 1 USD, and that 1 gp = 20$ (From d20 modern). Thus, 1 liter of high bull spunk would cost you 16,000gp. Since you'll need 50x that amount, you'll have to drop 800,000gp + 500 for your bottle of endless spunk; half if you're crafting.

Of course, that's the hard way of doing that. If you want to make it cheaper, you'll have to put in some work.

An average human male produces 2 to 5ml. We'll average this for 3.5ml. You'll need 50 liters using the above example, or 14286 loads. Untrained labor is only 1 silver, which means that you're looking to spend around 1,427 gold pieces for the spunk, for a total of 1,927gp.

But we can go cheaper.

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you could say that

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I recognize where that one comes from.

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>performing rudimentary dissections of monster corpses,
>I love playing the monster in those scenes
Sometimes, I worry about you guys.

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I'd like to run a series of tests what constitutes the precise definition on "awake" for this purpose. Drugs will be involved and long term damage on the test subjects is a possibility. Please authorize this by signing these forms.

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I'm going to assume you were replying to me, in which case I already know all about traditional hypnosis and hence why I used the word "trick." If you still object, I could have substituted drugs just as easily. That real enough for you?

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What about restraint? Who has more? Men or Women?

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She's a werebat sorceress (most of the BBEG's minions are werecreatures and outcasts, cult style) specialized in blasting, and has her own goon squad she harasses the PCs with. She's completely bought into the Alchemist BBEG's promises and is fiercely loyal. Slightly unhinged, but not to the extent of the real Harley Quinn.

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This is how I PC romance.

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I'm gonna go with: never.

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