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Ever regret killing someone?

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>Strength build Lunar Oracle
>Surprised when it doesn't let you feel like a hunk

>Not going Strength build Paladin

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I love designs like this. Really simple but looks incredible. Would be an interesting thing to LARP.

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>After his kingdom was invaded and conquered by a dark army, a lone, grizzled veteran of the conflict has been wreaking havoc on enemy troops and supply lines
>The evil wizard who now controls the region has hired you and your party to hunt him down
>When you finally find him, he asks you to join his fight for the kingdoms freedom

What do you do?

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Any comments on this idea by the way? How would you make it work yourselves?

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How to build a PoW bodyguard? Max gold, 20 point buy, starting as a human at level 1. All Paizo published stuff allowed, and PoW.

Sworn Protector is obvious, but by the looks of things it stacks with Zweihander Sentinel, as it changes aegis but not improved or greater aegis. I've never made anything PoW based and seeing an actually good martial class is overwhelming my dick. First session is Monday next week.

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The problem is that before too long you've gotten enough loot that it makes sense to invest in property and land, and eventually you've become the key stakeholders, head arbiters and leaders of the knights templar and The Emperor of The Holy Roman Empire is accusing you of treason and devil worship as an excuse to seize your assets.

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gimme slav knights

pic unrelated

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Would you happen to have any elven or half-elven casters? Been looking for one for a new campaign. Pic not related, just contributing.

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Character creation: Pick a name and a background.
You choose any two dice you have. Any, between d4s, d6s, d8s, d10s, d12s or d20s. You can pick both of the same kind.

These dice are you. YOU ARE THESE DICE.

For each kind of action, you roll ALL YOUR DICE. You'll need to meet different numbers in order to get a Success; that may be more easily reachable depending on your dice.

Combat: Roll higher than your opponent's defense.
Climb and jump rolls: Roll between 7 and 12
Shooting and Tracking: Roll between 5 and 8
Dexterity and stealth: Roll between 4 and 6
Will rolls, Charm rolls and Magic: Roll a two or less.

All rolls of doubles add a success that stacks to the others.

On next post i explain swords, combat and damage

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Don't mind my reposting.

A younger version of this guy here (get him around his 20s), with a bit more hair (above his shoulders, not too long). The armor doesn't need to look like this one.

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A bit late to the party, I think... But hey.

I would appreciate if one drawfag makes a younger version of this guy here (get him around his 20s). With more hair, but with an armor almost like this one.

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No warrior discussion? All I wanted was a good distraction.

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