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Does your party have loyalty to anything other then coin?
Would you even be together if not for the riches you plunder?

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My group desperately needs a healer, and I'm thinking of swapping out to a cleric to help out. It'll be the first time I've played a caster who has to prepare spells, but I BY FAR have the most years playing in my new group.

Thing is, I can't decide between Human or Dwarf. Try to sway me one way or the other with cool character art.

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I actually intended to go Vuman and nab Actor, for flavor. But I'm always torn between that and Half Elf for those sweet sweet Charisma bonuses and skills. Pic unrelated.

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sorry if im derailing but i've a little question. do you consider paladins as a core or a prestige class?

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I come across the Skold (shield) Rune in storm king's thunder, should I keep it as is, place it on a weapon or armor?

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I like just having one Save value for most things, and Saving vs a Stat for specifics.

Dodge a fireball? Save vs Dex. Survive an avalanche by swimming? Save vs Strength. Avoid being petrified, electrified, summoned to hell, or other assorted effects? Just Save.

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In this thread:

We post non OSR-related articles that are nevertheless quite interesting and, potentially, extremely useful. And if people don't like them... ok. http://the-toast.net/2016/02/09/reasons-i-would-not-have-been-burned-as-a-witch/

Reasons I Would Not Have Been Burned As A Witch In The Early Modern Era No Matter What I Would Like To Believe About Myself And Would Have In Fact Been Among The Witch-Burners

Mallory Ortberg

11. Because, let’s be honest, while I am totally into Stevie Nicks and candles and The Craft and whatever now of days, it is enormously safe for me to do so, and I prioritize my physical safety and comfort over absolutely everything, and if there was even a chance that someday I could face social or legal repercussions for my vague, shallow interest in “witch shit,” I would throw Stevie Nicks into a god damn river this time yesterday.

10. Because as much as I would like to think of myself as a persecuted outsider I am fact a Joiner through and through who craves nothing so much as the approval of a group. Any group. If there’s a group, I will defer to its moral code. Oh, there’s multiple people of you? I bet you have a way better plan for living than I do. Let’s do your thing. I have the seamless soul of a conformist.

9. There is not a single principle I would not betray in order to preserve my miserable, wretched, cowardly skin, if shit ever really came down to it. Not one.

8. Yes, even that principle. The one you’re thinking of. I’d chuck it in a river with cheer and a right good will.

7. Because I would have thrown a rock at that lady in The Lottery. You kidding me? Tessie Hutchinson? Threw a rock right at her face, then gone home for supper.

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Heresies, Lies, and Rumours

It is said that women can, if instructed, perform the ritual of Separation as well as any male priest. Rumours of female priests haunt the Church. Doctrine has assigned very distinct roles for the sexes.

It is said that worship of the Authority is recent, perhaps as recent as 50 generations. This is a vile lie, for while the Church has changed somewhat over the centuries, it has always existed.

It is said that in heathen lands, the Authority is worshipped under other names, and in other forms. The heathens are deceived. There is only one Church.

It is said that there were once many gods, and that they ruled over their appointed aspects of Creation, but the Authority, in His jealousy, consumed
And done. Thoughts?

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someone do the rest

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Am I the only one who feels like it should be the wizards, clerics and druids that get knocked down to fighter/rogue level rather than having them dragged up to magic level? I think D&D is, for the most part, a pretty scrappy game, and these godlike spellcasters in the later parts of the game are the thing that stick out, not the humble sword-swingers who are just doing what D&D characters should do and can do from level 1.

Why couldn't Iron Heroes take off?

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