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anyone? plz?

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How could you?

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Except OP's chapter which kill Minotaurs on sight.

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does this count?

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We have our shields, and our swords. We have our guns. And this Tortoise I am sitting on is one of over two-thousand such machines deployed along our lines today. We have all the tools we need to take our victory today. The Germans are formidable, yes, but that will mean all the more glory for us. As the Emperor himself said: "Let us brace ourselves to our duties, so that if the City of Rome and her Empire should last another thousand years, men will still say, 'This was their finest hour'" Onward, to glory or Elysium!


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Seconding this.

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This is how I design a setting.

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No, no, don't tell me, I got this - you're dressed up as a scarecrow who's a superhero, whose power is using his cape as a rug so we don't have to walk all over him as we conquer the known world and compile all the great science and philosophy and art that all your 'children' will spend centuries merely trying to ape.

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I didn't know proper Romans still existed, how is the Senate these days?

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It's also a pretty good way of building an empire. Instead of trying to burn out the local religion and traditions and make them stubbornly stand against you, let them continue to do their thing as long as they pay fealty to Rome. That sort of tolerance makes them like you more and allows you to freely introduce your culture to them without it being derided as foreign occupation. Give it a few generations, but eventually they'll become romanized.

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I didnt saw it the first time.

Only in the second run I knew, and because I saw it somewhere online.

I now feel like a scrub.

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Modern armor can stop direct hits. A direct hit from a rifle round, though, imparts enough force to kill you anyway, unless you wear a metal plate in addition to the kevlar to stop the force.

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This is how I science fantasy settings

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this tread needs a kick in the ave

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Relentlessness is possible at character creation but it's expensive as fuck at that point, it's usually cheaper to get as you gain XP.

I told you the plan, you just need to pic related and keep going 'till things work out. Nothing in a campaign is so worth it as the trials that provide fertile ground for character development.

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>that feel when you conquer the aquatic roman empire

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Hello /tg/. Does anyone have the full set of the Imperial Guard calender pictures?

Pic unrelated

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Has any one else noticed how rape tastic a Khorne DP can get?!

For 250 points (ouch) he can get power armour, Axe of Blind Fury, and a Juggernaut (He can take Items from rewards and there is no text that says he cant have steeps, unlike the Dark apostle)

Thats a 12'' move not slowed by dangerous terain, then reroll charge distance due to fleet, the unleash 6+1+d6 str 9(!) ap2 attacks at initiative 8. All while being tough 6 with 5 wounds!


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Pic related is all you need OP.

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We attack the beach. Kill all we find there

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